Brownies (The ULTIMATE Lightened Up Recipe!)

by Southern In Law

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The ULTIMATE Lightened Up Gluten Free Brownie Recipe. With crispy, chewy edges and fudgy centres you would never know this brownie recipe was gluten free, lower fat, lower sugar, refined sugar free, clean eating friendly or lower calorie! Find out the secret technique that gives these the PERFECT texture!

Ingredients (9-16 brownies)


Notes:*If you like your brownies super sweet (or even just on the sweeter side), be sure to use up to 1/2 cup (100g) sugar instead.Whilst this brownie recipe is lightened up and contains a lot less butter and sugar than "classic" recipes, it's still something to eat in moderation. Don't worry though, one large square will totally satisfy your brownie cravings!I like these brownies unfrosted, however, Katrina (my sister) prefers them frosted. If you're looking for a frosting recipe, try the frosting recipe from our Healthy Vegan Brownies Recipe.
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