"Oven Dehydrated" Kale Chips

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"Oven Dehydrated" Kale Chips

by Plant-Powered Kitchen

Kale is quite the buzz word in healthy eating, and kale chips have become incredibly trendy. The best kale chips are made with a dehydrator, since it slowly dries the leaves - as opposed to an oven which can cook the leaves and make them taste burned and bitter. Yet, most home cooks do not have these large and expensive dehydrating machines. I don’t myself! And, after spending far too much money on premade kale chips (which were delicious but breaking my bank!), I decided to create this unique recipe. See, here, the kale chips are placed in the oven on the lowest setting possible - which for most ovens is 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the oven is turned off to let the chips continue to dry without any oven heat, alternated with one shorter last period with some oven heat. The result is fantastic! The chips slowly dry and become crunchy and tasty, without getting browned or burned. And, the marinade for these chips is tangy and cheesy - and made without oil - delicious!

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