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Caribbean Peanut Punch

Keywords: blender beverage peanut butter Caribbean

A rich and creamy drink of blended milk and peanut butter with banana and oats enjoyed throughout the Caribbean


Caribbean Jerk Seasoning

Keywords: Caribbean Seasoning Mix,

A delicious seasoning mix~


Caribbean Herbal Tea

Keywords: boil beverage Caribbean winter fall

An amazing combination of native herbs, creating a delicious herbal tea providing nutritional benefits.


Caribbean Jerk Macaroni and Cheese

Keywords: Macaroni, Cheese, Bread Topping, Ca

A delicious mac n cheese recipe with the zip of Caribbean seasoning mix


Caribbean Jerk Rub for Wings

Keywords: grill appetizer garlic Game Day


Caribbean Shrimp Salad Served Taco Style

Keywords: steam lunch entree snack low-carb low-sodium shrimp American Caribbean


Caribbean Spice Squash Soup

Keywords: one-pot entree gluten-free dairy-free vegan low-sodium pumpkin kale

A caribbean spiced soup that eats like a meal.


Cheese Paste Sandwich Spread

Keywords: appetizer sandwich snack Caribbean

A Caribbean cheese spread filled with flavors of mustard, mayonnaise, and pepper sauce


Chicken Dump Recipes

Keywords: raw Chicken American

A tasty collection of throw the marinate ingredients with chicken into a ziploc bag. Marinate a few hours before cooking or freeze.


Chipotle-Crusted Tilapia with Bean Salad

Keywords: bake entree salad Caribbean

See post for recipes for avocado cream sauce!


Cheddar-Bacon Cornmeal Biscuits

Keywords: bake breakfast vegetarian vegan Caribbean American in-season


Caribbean Vegetable Lo Mein

Keywords: stir-fry entree carrots Chinese New Year Christmas Caribbean

A recipe for a Caribbean inspired lo mein where boiled egg noodles are tossed with saute vegetables.


Caribbean Sweet Potato Soup

Keywords: soup/stew dairy-free gluten-free vegan kale lentils sweet potato

Lentil soup with lots of veggies and a spicy coconut milk broth.

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