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Caribbean Sweet Potato Stew

Keywords: soup/stew vegetarian vegan soy-free nut-free gluten-free Caribbean

This sweet, rich, spicy and delicious recipe is courtesy of my mother - everything I know about cooking I learned from her. Make it on a chilly day and watch the snow fall outside.


Caribbean Green Seasoning

Keywords: blender Caribbean


Caribbean Fruit Cake aka Black Cake

Keywords: bake blender dessert Christmas Caribbean

A heavy duty rum fruit cake, popularly made in the Caribbean around Christmas time. Rum soaked fruits of raisins, prunes, currants make up this decadent cake


Banana Fritters

Keywords: fry snack breakfast appetizer Caribbean

Recipe for making fritters (Fried dough) from bananas


BBQ Shrimp Pineapple & Kumquat Kebabs

Keywords: grill paleo protein shrimp kumquat pineapple July 4th barbeque


Breakfast Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast Caribbean

Delicious breakfast smoothing using fresh Caribbean produce


Baked Pastelle Pie

Keywords: bake entree side minced beef cornmeal Christmas Caribbean

An alternative to the traditional pastelle from Trinidad and Tobago. A one pot baked pastelle pie with cornmeal, minced meat, raisins, capers and olives.


Baked Papaya Casserole

Keywords: bake side vegetarian Thanksgiving Christmas Easter Caribbean

Savory dish using Green Papayas


Aloo & Veggie Pie

Keywords: fry appetizer snack Potato Caribbean

A delectable small pie filled with seasoned potato or vegetables and deep fried.


Bake and Saltfish Buljol

Keywords: fry breakfast fish Caribbean

Bake and Saltfish: A classic Caribbean breakfast with fried bake and saltfish (cod)


Brown Rice Arroz con Leche

Keywords: dessert breakfast side snack vegetarian Caribbean Spanish


Cajun-grilled and Blackened Tofu

Keywords: fry grill press tofu refrigerate blacken entree lunch sandwich


Caribbean Cow Heel Soup

Keywords: boil entree soup/stew Cow Heel Caribbean fall spring summer

A traditional soup made in the Caribbean. Full of yams, cassavas, potato and split peas simmered down with cow heel and salted pigtail.

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