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Chinese Chicken Salad

Keywords: salad healthy choice chicken asian

A refreshing salad with an Asian-inspired twist.


Chinese Chicken Curry

Keywords: stir-fry chicken Chinese


Chinese Chicken Congee

Keywords: easy stove top breakfast dinner lunch soup/stew Chinese


Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry

Keywords: stir-fry entree low-sugar chicken ginger garlic soy sauce Chinese

Craving Chinese but don't want to kill your wallet or waistline? Here you go, enjoy!


Chinese Cashew Chicken

Keywords: entree chicken Chinese New Year Chinese Asian

Pan-fried chicken, snow peas and cashews in a ginger-garlic sauce served over rice noodles.


Chinese Chicken & String Beans in Brown Sauce

Keywords: stir-fry saute entree low-carb chicken string beans Chinese New Year

I’ll be honest, when it comes to Chinese cuisine, usually I cave and just order in. But after seeing how quickly and easily this Chicken with String Beans in Brown Sauce came together last night, and how fresh and vibrant the flavors were, unweighed down by the greasy aftertaste of a well-used wok,...


Chinese Black Rice Pudding with Blueberries

Keywords: breakfast snack dessert vegetarian vegan Chinese

The CSA customers couldn’t get enough of this stuff, and also couldn’t believe that it was vegan! I think this would be really fun to take to a party. Definitely one to make again!


Chicken Udon Soup

Keywords: soup/stew noodles chicken mushroom asian winter

Nothing beats a comforting bowl of flavorful broth and tender noodles ready for slurping. This recipe was actually pretty easy and something I would make again. It is great for the chilly nights of winter.


Cha siu & cha sia bao

Keywords: bake grill steam appetizer entree snack Pork Chinese Asian

Learn to make cha siu and cha siu bao


Chicken & Broccoli Teriyaki Bowl

Keywords: entree broccoli chicken Chinese


Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry

Keywords: stir-fry entree low calorie chicken vegetables Chinese


CEiMB ~ Savory Chinese Chicken Salad

Keywords: roast ceimb salad salad dressing 7 points+

This recipe is part of my Cookbook Club series where we are cooking our way through Ellie' Krieger's Cookbooks. This recipe is SUPER easy to make (especially if you used leftover chicken) and honestly might be my FAVORITE new Chinese Chicken...


Cashew Chicken and Vegetables

Keywords: stir-fry entree

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