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Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Parfait

Keywords: Breakfast Snack Veggie Apple Granola

A pretty and delicious layered breakfast or snack.


Apple Cinnamon Baked Cheesecake

Keywords: bake dessert snack all recipes gluten-free low fat nut-free

Apple and Cinnamon in a Cheesecake? These Healthy Apple Cinnamon Baked Cheesecakes are absolutely delicious as well as gluten free, low fat and low sugar. Also known as Baked Apple Pie Cheesecakes!


Apple Carrot Muffins

Keywords: bake breakfast snack vegetarian apple carrot nuts palm sugar

These low-sugar, nutrient-packed muffins make a great breakfast on the go.


Apple Cheddar Breakfast Pie

Keywords: bake appetizer breakfast vegetarian greek yogurt cheese apples

Making breakfast dishes in casserole pans is my new favorite hobby. It makes the morning run so smoothly when there’s already food prepared. All you have to do is cut out a piece and (re)heat it in the microwave. It’s kinda like a pie. With a bready biscuit crust. Then on top there’s both...


Apple Cinnamon Protein Coffee Cake

Keywords: bake breakfast bread dessert body for life healthy

Light, fluffy protein cake that is Body-for-LIFE friendly. The classic combination of apples and cinnamon make this a comforting low calorie cake. Makes six slices, nutritional info per slice: 179 calories, 6g fat, 17g carbs, 14g protein and 3.5g fiber.


Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

Keywords: stovetop breakfast snack high protein low-fat low-sodium nut-free

These easy-to-make pancakes are high in protein and low in fat, thanks to protein powder and plain Greek yogurt. They're a perfect treat for a post-workout meal, or any time you need a snack!


Apple Muffins

Keywords: bake breakfast bread snack apple Thanksgiving fall

Delicious apple and apple cider muffins


Apple Peanut Butter Muffins

Keywords: bake appetizer bread breakfast side vegetarian


Apple Peanut Butter Socca Pie

Keywords: bake breakfast brunch snack dessert gluten-free low-sugar soy-free

Sweet Gala apples topping a creamy peanut butter "frosting" could make me happy after any meal, but as a guilt-free dessert breakfast it's even better.


Apple Donut Bites

Keywords: fry dessert apple donut fair style

Give this recipe a try when your craving your fair style bites! Apple donut bites is a sweet bite that is hard to say no to!


Apple Crumble Muffins


Healthy, apple crumble muffins made with greek yogurt to keep them moist (sorry) and super tasty.


Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Keywords: bake breakfast snack gluten-free almond meal apple greek yogurt

Delicious apple muffins using Chobani greek yogurt and almond flour.

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