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Crock-pot curry with tofu & veggies

Keywords: slow-cooker entree soup/stew vegan vegetarian dairy-free tofu lentils

Crock-pots seem to adore dried beans and lentils. Why mess with a love triangle.


Curried Split Pea Burgers with Charred Tomato Relish

Keywords: entree burger gluten-free vegetarian tomatoes split peas Indian

An amazing and filling veggie burger made with split peas, basmati rice and curry seasonings and topped with a charred tomato relish


Curried Sweet Potato Hummus

Keywords: blender steam appetizer snack gluten-free kosher nut-free vegan vegetarian


Curried Sweet Potato, Squash and Cabbage Soup

Keywords: slow-cooker appetizer soup/stew side entree gluten-free low fat

Hardy and cleansing vegetable soup with a spicy kick and subtle flavors of curry and ginger. Easy to make in a crockpot or for large crowds!


Curried Salmon with Cauliflower Rice Biryani

Keywords: stir-fry stovetop entree lunch gluten-free high protein dairy-free


Curried Rice Pilaf

Keywords: side gluten-free vegan vegetarian rice Indian

Basmati rice fragrant with curry, sweet with cranberries, crunchy from pecans, this a side dish that makes you want one more bite. You can make this with brown rice, just adjust the cooking time.


Curried Mock Chicken Salad

Keywords: entree sandwich vegan vegetarian nut-free curry powder Indian

This recipe is a great one for anyone hesitant about trying vegan-friendly foods. It's so easy to make and keeps well in the fridge for leftovers!


Curried Pear Crumble an

Keywords: bake dessert dairy free egg free nut-free soy-free vegan

This recipe will appeal to both the folks that love curry and those that aren't too fond of it because the amount of curry added is so slight and the curry in the coconut oil is not overpowering. But if you are a curry lover I encourage you to add more curry powder! There are many different curry...


Curried Quinoa with Peas and Cashews

Keywords: side vegan quinoa Indian

Quinoa is awesome! Not only is it a complete source of protein and packed with fibre and iron, it's also a speedy subsitute for brown rice and other long-cooking grains! This version has a spicy kicked making it perfect to team with your favourite Indian curries.


Curried Tofu & Samosa Quinoa

Keywords: fry entree side vegan gluten-free quinoa tofu curry cashew Indian


Curried Tomato Lentil Soup in the Slow Cooker.

Keywords: freezer friendly curry coconut milk Indian


Curry Chicken Skewers

Keywords: grill entree appetizer Indian summer

A fun way to spice up Indian cuisine.


Curry Coconut Sauce

Keywords: blender sauce gluten-free vegan vegetarian coconut cashews Indian

A creamy, coconut milk and cashew curry sauce that you can use to make a stew, toss with pasta, baste some fish, chicken, shrimp, or eat with a spoon. Adjust the curry and red pepper flakes to your own taste...make it spicy or make it mild. Totally delicious!

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