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Japanese Eggplant with Miso Sauce::Nasu Dengaku

Keywords: broil grill roast side sauce entree dairy free gluten-free vegan

Asian style eggplant paired with a creamy miso sauce


Japanese Style Rice with Edamame

Keywords: main vegetarian edamame mushrooms rice Japanese


Japanese Sweet Bean Buns (Anko Pan)

Keywords: bake bread dessert vegan vegetarian Sweet Bean Paste Japanese

A traditional Japanese sweet dessert. A sweet breaded bun with sweet Japanese bean paste inside. Sorry about no photo, the website isn't working correctly.


Leaf-Wrapped Fried Chicken w/ Dipping Sauces

Keywords: fry entree chicken herbs lettuce avocado Japanese


Lemon Ricotta Chicken Parmesan

Keywords: bake entree chicken ricotta mozzarella cheese lemon Italian

Crunchy chicken cutlets topped with lemony ricotta and mozzarella cheee served over with linguine with lemon sauce.


Light California Roll Napoleon

Keywords: appetizer snack low-carb sugar-free vegetarian Japanese

This fast and easy take on a Sushi favorite is super low in calories but big on taste. Serve as a yummy snack or make 2 for a light meal. You can also crumble everything together and eat as a salad. Anything goes!


Kimchi Noodle Pancake

Keywords: entree gluten-free vegetarian Miracle Noodles Japanese

Crispy & savory noodle pancake topped with flavor packed kimchi


Japanese-ish Hummus

Keywords: blender raw appetizer side snack sugar-free vegan vegetarian chickpeas

This hummus has a decidedly Asian taste to it. You know those sauces they bring out at Japanese restaurants? It's like that, but better 'cause it's hummus.


Japanese Turnips with Miso Butter and Soba

Keywords: entree greens miso soba tofu spring summer


Japanese-ish Baked Artichoke Falafel

Keywords: bake side snack appetizer gluten-free low-carb low-sodium vegan vegetarian

This falafel is made with coconut flour and hummus to create a healthy, delicious alternative to the fried version.


Nori and Sesame Furikake

Keywords: side vegan vegetarian sesame seeds nori Japanese


Okonomiyaki ♡ Vegan

Keywords: fry entree appetizer dairy free nut-free vegan vegetarian cabbage



Keywords: bake entree vegetarian vegan

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