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Kale Tabouleh Style Salad

Keywords: appetizer side nut-free soy-free vegan Mediterranean


Lamb Ragu

Keywords: entree Mediterranean winter

Lamb Ragu involves a lot of meat, that unmistakable slow-cooked flavor and I mentioned meat, right?


Linguini with White Beans and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Keywords: saute entree vegetarian vegan tomato pasta nuts beans Mediterranean

A delicious pasta dish with white beans, sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, olives and fresh seasonings. All made in the time it takes the pasta to cook!


Loaded Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich


Two thick slices of whole grain bread stuffed with layers of thinly sliced fresh veggies, jalapeno-cilantro hummus, feta cheese, and a surprise ingredient – peppadew peppers. My very favorite veggie sandwich - Light, healthy, and oh so flavorful!


MedItalian Salad

Keywords: salad vegetarian Mediterranean Italian summer

A little Mediterranean, a little Italian.


Lentil Falafel Pitas

Keywords: stir-fry entree vegetarian lentils Mediterranean

Lentil Falafel Pitas topped with cucumber and Greek yogurt!


Lemon Herb Hummus PIzza

Keywords: bake roast blender appetizer entree pizza dip/spread nut-free soy-free


Layered Mediterranean Dip

Keywords: appetizer vegan


Lemon & Cumin-Infused Buckwheat Salad

Keywords: saute steam appetizer entree vegan vegetarian soy-free nut-free low-sodium

This warm salad is a delicate ode to the simple flavors of Mediterranean. I only dream of going there now but someday, it will happen!


Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce

Keywords: entree snack healthy Mediterranean


Falafel with Balsamic Tomato Relish

Keywords: saute appetizer entree side gluten-free vegetarian Mediterranean Greek

Sophisticated, elegant, vegetarian entree or appetizer that will feed your falafel cravings.


Basil Avocado Hummus

Keywords: blender appetizer gluten-free low-sodium soy-free sugar-free vegan

This is the smoothest, creamiest hummus you’ll ever have!


Basmati and Black Rice with Chickpeas, Raisins and Fried Onions

Keywords: fry entree side vegetarian vegan chickpeas raisins rice Mediterranean

The combination of two types of rice, fried onions, raisins and warm spices add a depth and complexity to each bite that make this dish completely standout! Recipe adapted from Jerusalem

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