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Black Bean Hummus

Keywords: blender appetizer snack low-carb Mediterranean

A unique twist on traditional hummus!


Balsamic Marinated Chicken

Keywords: grill entree gluten-free low-carb low-sodium soy-free nut-free sugar-free

I admit... checkin can be boring. The rich flavors of this Balsamic Marinated Chicken makes it anything but that!


Balsamic Loved Grilled Vegetables

Keywords: grill side dinner entree lunch vegan eggplant zucchini Mediterranean

Balsamic loved grilled vegetables is a vegetable party in your mouth!


Baked Pita Chips

Keywords: bake appetizer side snack vegetarian American Mediterranean



Keywords: dessert honey almond walnut pistachio bar Mediterranean


Baklava Thumbprint Cookies

Keywords: dessert vegetarian vegan Mediterranean Greek

These cookies capture all the fun and flavor of baklava without the messiness and fear factor of having to use phyllo dough. They are a little bit crunchy (as most vegan cookies are) with the perfect amount of sweetness.


Braised Celery with Tomatoes, Olives and Capers

Keywords: saute entree side kosher low-carb nut-free soy-free sugar-free vegan

Because I am frequently participating in a CSA or organic vegetable share, I often find myself with loads of celery. I discovered this very light, yet very filling, dinner or lunch recipe that is so entirely delicious you could even serve it to guests on a holiday buffet (see how red and green it is?). When...


Bucatini with Tomatoes, Olives, Marash Pepper, and Shrimp

Keywords: saute entree shrimp tomatoes pasta olives Italian Mediterranean


Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad

Keywords: raw salad low-carb vegan vegetarian cauliflower tomatoes Mediterranean

I made this salad with half the kitchen packed up, and in less than 10 mins. That’s the very definition of easy. It’s raw, it’s healthy… and it’s good.


Cheesy Broccoli Kale Pizza

Keywords: bake saute appetizer entree bread vegetarian nut-free soy-free low-sodium

Crispy kale and broccoli florets surrounded by flavorful cheeses, all a top a soft, steaming dough.


Cheesy Mediterranean Egg Rolls

Keywords: fry appetizer snack cheese olives roasted red peppers egg roll wrappers

These Cheesy Mediterranean Egg Rolls make a great appetizer or snack idea!


Caramelized Onion and Olive Tart

Keywords: bake appetizer side vegetarian olive onion Mediterranean fall winter


Caprese Skewers

Keywords: appetizer vegetarian gluten-free tomatoes Italian Mediterranean

These are so simple, they should be a part of any party spread. They take no time to make and are crowd pleasers.

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