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Coconut Thai Curry for One

Keywords: entree gluten-free vegetarian Thai

Delightful curry dish of vegetables simmered in a creamy, spice sauce


Coconut Thai Curry


Whitney from Eco Vegan Gal shares her cheap and cheerful recipe for Thai Coconut Curry, adapted from Eat Vegan on $4 Day,featured in the "Extreme Healthy Vegan Cheapskates" video


Coconut Red Curry Shrimp

Keywords: stove top saute entree paleo low-carb coconut milk shrimp

An easy 15 minute red curry shrimp recipe with the perfect balance of creamy coconut and spice.


Coconut Red Curry Thai tofu & veggie soup

Keywords: fry stir-fry entree soup/stew dairy-free gluten-free vegan vegetarian

I found a few different recipes and combined them to make my own. Can you believe I’ve never cooked with coconut milk before? I love Thai food, especially the really amazing curry coconut milk broth dishes. I guess that’s probably why I’ve never taken a stab at creating something similar at...


Coconut Red Curry Vegetables Over Coconut Forbidden Rice

Keywords: saute low-sodium vegan vegetarian Thai

Mixed vegetables are simmered in a coconut based curry broth and served over forbidden rice that has been cooked in coconut milk. The recipe is simple but the flavors are complex, not to mention this can be thrown together in less than 30 minutes.


Couscous Summer Salad

Keywords: boil grill salad entree side veggies summer

Couscous makes a great base for a summer salad packed with fresh vegetables and drizzled with a tangy, citrusy-sweet honey-lemon vinaigrette. Try it with a Trader Joe's mix of couscous, red quinoa, baby garbanzos and orzo for a twist!


Creamy mushroom and chickpea curry

Keywords: entree vegan vegetarian chickpeas mushroom Indian Thai

This creamy curry is completely vegan! Begin by making a simple curry paste, then add your favourite vegetables.


Crock Pot Thai Chicken

Keywords: slow-cooker entree chicken coconut milk

Crock Pot Thai Chicken is incredibly easy. Three ingredients, and a few hours on low and slow!


Crock-Pot Thai Coconut Chicken & Shrimp

Keywords: slow-cooker entree Thai


(Roasted) Red Curry Delicata Squash w/ Tofu

Keywords: roast entree vegan broccoli squash tofu winter fall

The mild heat of red curry paste perfectly accents the natural sweetness of delicata squash. It sits well with the addition of chewy, roasted tofu, earthy broccoli and served over brown rice.


Crock Pot Peanut Chicken

Keywords: slow-cooker blender entree low-carb chicken Football Season Food


Crock Pot Pad Thai Chicken

Keywords: slow-cooker

Sweet and spicy peanut butter chicken from the Crockpot for an easy homemade pad Thai dish.


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