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Asparagus & Salmon Risotto

Keywords: saute entree side rice asparagus Easter spring

A super creamy rice dish filled with asparagus, peas, and leeks. Perfect as a main dish or side.


Asparagas and Tomoto Salad

Keywords: salad asparagas feta cheese balsamic


Apricot and Almond Baked Oats

Keywords: bake breakfast snack gluten-free sugar-free vegan vegetarian almond milk

A delicious alternative to your usual oats in a bowl! Apricots and almonds is one of my favourite combinations, topped with almond butter and you have breakfast heaven!


Apricot Tatin Baked Pancake

Keywords: bake breakfast gluten-free vegan vegetarian soy-free apricots almond meal

A plate that tastes like summer, bursting with bright orange sunshine, it tastes even better than it looks!


Asian Baked Salmon with Veggie Fried Rice

Keywords: bake stir-fry entree fish/seafood rice vegetables Chinese


Avocado and Kabocha Squash Sandwich

Keywords: breads, crackers, and wraps soy-free vegan

This sandwich is inspired by the people at Peacefood Cafe who had the genius notion of filling two slices of whole grain bread with every blogger’s favorite root vegetable: kabocha squash. I put my own spin on this famous sammie by subbing avocado for the vegan...


Avocado Breakfast Tostada

Keywords: breakfast gluten-free egg avocado

Homemade masa cakes topped with creamy avocado, roasted mushrooms, and a crispy fried egg!


BACON Baked Vegetable Tortellini!

Keywords: bake entree 11 points+

I LOVE pasta dishes with BACON and mushrooms so I knew I was including those two things. I decided to venture out into a “healthy” cheese sauce versus my usual red or olive oil sauces. I picked asparagus as my vegetable to “bulk” up my serving and to visually make it look like more. I promise...


Bacon Cheeseburger Tatchos

Keywords: bake entree appetizer bacon ground beef tater tots


Bacon Crusted Baked Scallops


The perfect appetizer


Bacon & Egg Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Keywords: bake breakfast eggs potatoes cheese bacon

Baked Potatoes get an easy and delicious update with eggs, bacon and cheese! These Bacon & Egg Stuffed Baked Potatoes are great for breakfast or dinner!


Back-on-Track Bok Choy Delight

Keywords: bake saute entree gluten-free vegetarian vegan sugar-free nut-free

Perfect for getting back on track for the New Year! Bok choy is loaded with vitamins A and C, both helpful this time of year when colds and illnesses abound. In fact, one cup of bok choy has more than 100% of your RDA for Vitamin A, and about 2/3 of your RDA for Vitamin C! This dish is incredibly...


Avocado chicken salad

Keywords: grill bake 21dsd chicken breast avocado roma tomato

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