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Baked Banana Chocolate Protein Oats

Keywords: bake breakfast egg whites oatmeal Banana

Oatfully you will like this.


Baked Banana Oatmeal

Keywords: bake breakfast breakfast bakes all recipes gluten-free vegan

A delicious breakfast that can be eaten fresh out of the oven or made in advance and frozen for mornings when you need a quick breakfast!


Baked Banana Oatmeal Bars

Keywords: bake breakfast vegetarian vegan banana oats

Delicious and healthy baked oatmeal bars that are filled with oats, nut butter and banana.


Baked Banana Chickpea Tatin Pancake

Keywords: bake breakfast gluten-free vegan vegetarian almond milk banana

A thick and fluffy baked banana pancake extravaganza! Banana in the batter, banana slices in the pan...all topped off with dried chewy banana!


Baked Banana Bread Oats

Keywords: bake breakfast gluten-free vegan vegetarian almond milk banana

Soft doughy baked oats, packed full of banana; mashed and diced for double the banana flavour!


Baked Bacon, Butternut Squash & Polenta Casserole

Keywords: bake entree 7 points+ gluten-free vegetarian

A little bacon goes a LONG way in flavoring this cheesy polenta casserole. The first thing you taste is the rich, buttery, cheesy top, followed up by the sweet caramelized squash and onions with a little smoky BACON flavor in each nutty bite. Once you take a bite, you will realize sometimes the BEST...


Baked Banana & Mango Oats

Keywords: bake breakfast vegan vegetarian gluten-free soy-free almond milk

Squidgy baked oats with delicious melt in the mouth mango and banana undertones topped with white cashew butter!


Baked Banana and Goji Berry Oatmeal

Keywords: bake banana brown sugar Goji Berries raw oats

Tastes like banana bread! But even better.


Baked Banana Oatmeal Bread

Keywords: bake breakfast bananas cinnamon Oats

This is a great recipe to the night before. However, stoneware or glass baking dishes will break going from the cold of the refrigerator to the heat of the oven. I buy the aluminum disposable pans for easy, no clean-up baking or use metal or silicone baking pans for make ahead dishes. This is a...


Baked Banana Oatmeal Cups

Keywords: bake breakfast muffin snack dairy-free gluten-free healthy low-calorie

These soft, chewy, texture-filled baked banana oatmeal cups are naturally gluten-free, kid-friendly and totally customizable.


Baked Banana Protein Oatmeal

Keywords: bake breakfast breakfast bakes all recipes gluten-free low fat

This Healthy Banana Baked Protein Oatmeal Recipe is packed with protein and the perfect make-ahead breakfast on the go! It can be frozen and is also low fat, gluten free, high protein, clean eating friendly, refined sugar free and seriously delicious!


Baked Banana Ricotta “Doughnuts” with Cream Cheese Frosting

Keywords: bake breakfast brunch vegetarian cheese banana Easter

A soft, fluffy baked "doughnut" (can also be made into muffins of bread) using ripe bananas and ricotta cheese!


Baked Banana Ricotta Cups

Keywords: bake snack dessert all recipes gluten-free high protein

You will never believe this decadent tasting dessert has absolutely no added sugar! Bananas, ricotta and an egg are all it takes for a delicious treat!

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