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Angie's Grawnola

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Amazingly Moist Banana Bread

Keywords: bake bread breakfast dessert side snack banana whole-wheat flour

This bread is super moist due to a ridiculous amount of banana added to the batter. I added 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt to the batter and used applesauce instead of oil or butter. Find the recipe at


Amazing Althea’s Dark Chocolate Banana Bread


Recipe shared with permission granted by Lucy Arlington, author of Off the Books: A Novel Idea Mystery.


Almond Joy Protien Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage breakfast dessert coconut almond butter cocoa powder

The combination of coconut milk, almond milk, yogurt and frozen banana makes this drink creamy and filling but doesn't weigh you down.


Amaranth Walnut Banana Bread

Keywords: bake snack bread breakfast dessert vegan vegetarian soy-free almond milk

A nutty sweet banana bread, soft and doughy in the middle with a nice golden crust!


Aloha Pancakes

Keywords: breakfast vegetarian coconut

Hawaii in a pancake!!


Almond Joy Protein Shake

Keywords: blender beverage breakfast dessert


Almond Coconut Quinoa Pancakes with Plums

Keywords: saute breakfast vegan vegetarian soy-free almond milk almond meal

Three thick plump fluffy sweet and slightly buttery pancakes topped with plenty of stewed plums and almond butter!


Almond Cookie Protein Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast high protein low-sodium no sugar added

My all-time favorite cookies, almond shortbread, turned PANCAKES...topped with fresh figs, pomegranate arils, and slivered almonds!


Almond Crunch French Toast

Keywords: breakfast bananas almond extract almonds whole wheat bread

Crunchy cereal/almond crusted French toast topped with fresh sliced bananas and drizzled in pure maple syrup!


Almond Cherry Coconut Breakfast Cookies

Keywords: bake breakfast snack dessert vegan vegetarian almonds coconut oats

Eat them for breakfast on the go, as a snack or dessert! Vegan, no added sugar and high in fiber.


Almond Butter, Banana, and Chocolate Panini

Keywords: grill sandwich main almond butter banana bread chocolate


Almond Butter Banana Cookies

Keywords: bake dessert dairy free egg-free gluten-free healthy lactose-free

Five ingredient cookies with no added sugar, butter, or oil. They satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty!

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