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Angel Delight

Keywords: no bake treats blender frostings sauces and dips

‘Angel delight’ makes your perfect creamy moussey parfait. There are so many flavour combos you could try, here I went for strawberry and mango (I preferred the strawberry out the of two), but you could also go for other berries, banana, chocolate or maybe even orange although I think fruits with...


Anti-Inflammatory Hummus

Keywords: blender snack gluten-free nut-free soy-free sugar-free vegan chickpeas

A slight spin on a classic, this hummus incorporates the anti-inflammatory properties of cumin and turmeric!


Amazing Date Shake

Keywords: blender beverage dessert vegetarian dairy dates summer


Alyson's Basic Go-To Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast beverage vegetarian vegan sugar-free low-carb


Almond Milk Kefir

Keywords: blender beverage vegan almond milk probiotic

A great and tasty way to add probiotic to your everyday diet with your own homemade recipe!


Aloe-ha Mango Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast snack dairy-free gluten-free high protein


Almost Raw Maple Walnut Cups

Keywords: blender raw dessert snack gluten-free raw soy-free sugar-free vegan

These cups are rich and creamy and oh-so Canadian! A maple walnut base with a cashew maple filling, topped with strawberries and walnut pieces. Best enjoyed right out of the fridge!


Almond Milk in a Ninja Blender

Keywords: ninja blender almonds


Almond Chocolate Chip Energy Balls

Keywords: blender breakfast snack

In these balls, there are tart and chewy dates and dried cherries, which are sweeten up by little bits of chocolate throughout the balls. The maple syrup gives them an extra kick of flavor and the pumpkin seeds make them festive.


Almond Coconut Cookie Balls

Keywords: bake blender cuisine companion all recipes cookies dessert

This 4 Ingredient Almond Coconut Cookie Balls Recipe is so quick and easy and absolutely delicious! A simple one bowl recipe that is gluten free, grain free, paleo, vegan, egg free, dairy free, sugar free and a clean eating recipe with nut free options. Made with almond butter, almonds and coconut for...


Almond Flour Mince Pies with Cashew Cream

Keywords: bake blender simmer dessert gluten-free soy-free vegan vegetarian


Almond Cashew Coconut Butter

Keywords: blender roast snack gluten-free sugar-free vegan


Almond Butter Saltine Chocolate Bites

Keywords: blender dessert snack vegetarian soy-free cookie

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