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B&W Balls

Keywords: blender snack dessert gluten-free low-calorie low-carb low-fat low-sodium

These have a strong molasses flavour, hint of spice and are packed full of omega 3's and calcium. These sweet nut truffles are the perfect bite size treat.


‘Yolk Drop’ Chicken Soup with Orzo or Vermicelli (Shorbit Ferakh bil Tarbiya)

Keywords: boil soup/stew appetizer eggs chicken broth soup

An Egyptian recipe for 'yolk drop chicken soup', or shorbet ferakh bil tarbiya. Egg yolks are used to thicken the soup along with orzo (lesaan 'asfour) or vermicelli (she'reya).


Autumn Date and Walnut Bread

Keywords: bake bread breakfast snack walnuts sweet potatoes medjool dates


“Cheesy” Vegan Mushroom Quinoa

Keywords: saute boil salad vegan vegetarian gluten-free quinoa beans

Packed with nutrition and a garlicky cheese flavor, this vegan recipe will even please carnivores.


Avocado, bean, & chive Salad

Keywords: boil entree main salad side gluten-free low-calorie low-carb low-sodium

The combination of chives, vinegar & avocado makes this salad a hit


Austin-Style Black Beans

Keywords: boil side vegan vegetarian legumes American Southwest


Artichoke, Olive, and Lemon Spaghetti

Keywords: boil entree vegetarian vegan sugar-free soy-free nut-free wheat free


Artichokes with Yogurt Mustard

Keywords: Boil blender dips entree salad side vegetable

Tasty low carb Artichokes with Yogurt Mustard


Asian BBQ Chicken with Crispy Peanutty Noodles

Keywords: entree chicken noodles peanut butter asian

Tender marinated chicken and crisp veggies sit atop crispy peanut butter noodles. What's not to love?


Artichoke and Basil Pasta

Keywords: saute boil entree vegetarian vegan

When artichokes, peppers and tomatoes collide...


Argentine Empanadas

Keywords: beef potato egg Spanish

These individual meat pies are super delicious!


Apricot Honey Scones

Keywords: bread breakfast vegetarian dried fruit apricots honey Gifts From the Kitchen

Honey-sweetened scones loaded with dried apricots, perfect for breakfast or your next brunch.


Apricot Jam

Keywords: boil vegan vegetarian apricots summer

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