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Apricot, Prune & Orange Compote

Keywords: boil poach dessert breakfast side snack dairy free egg free

This warming compote is so versatile and can be used on many different things, from pancakes to porridge or on any type of pudding.


Asian BBQ Chicken with Crispy Peanutty Noodles

Keywords: entree chicken noodles peanut butter asian

Tender marinated chicken and crisp veggies sit atop crispy peanut butter noodles. What's not to love?


Asian Tofu Salad with Peanut Dressing

Keywords: boil salad gluten-free vegan vegetarian tofu Thai Vietnamese fall

Spicy asian salad with a powerful creamy dressing


Asparagus with Garlic Cream

Keywords: boil raw salad side vegetarian vegetable

Asparagus with Garlic Cream


Asparagus, Bacon & Celery Salad

Keywords: no-cook boil appetizer salad side snack low-carb gluten-free nut-free

You will LOVE this dish. Great & quick for a BBQ side dish. Who doesn’t love bacon?! Makes 5+ cups! Done in 15 min. Nutrition per serving (1 cup) Calories: 98 Fat: 5.9g Carbs: 7.8g Fibre: 2.3g Sugar: 1.2g Sodium: 138mg Protein: 5.3g


Asparagus, pea and quinoa salad

Keywords: grill boil salad lunch dinner vegan vegetarian quinoa asparagus peas

A fresh summer salad with deep earthy flavours and a zingy dressing.


Asparagus Soup

Keywords: boil saute soup/stew vegetarian asparagus greek yogurt summer

A few fresh ingredients come together to create a velvety bright asparagus soup that is great warm or chilled.


Asparagus Salad

Keywords: boil saute salad side vegetable

Nice low carb Asparagus Salad.


Asian-Inspired Seafood with Vegetables

Keywords: grill roast steam boil dinner healthy high-protein vegetarian tofu

Versatile, delicious and uber-healthy weekday dinner.


Asparagus Roll-Up

Keywords: bake low-carb vegetable Ham

Tasty low carb Asparagus Roll-Up dish.


Bacon & Tomato Pasta

Keywords: boil entree 4 points+ simply filling Italian summer fall

There are 3 words that will get me to try almost any recipe —> Bacon + Tomatoes + Pasta! What’s not to love right? But, wait, it gets even better….this literally takes less than 20 minutes to make.


Bacon and Asparagus Fried Couscous

Keywords: boil pan fry stove top side dairy free couscous asparagus

This quick and simple bacon and asparagus fried couscous is pan fried in bacon fat for a delicious spin on fried rice.


Banana Bread Waffles with Cinnamon-Brown Sugar Syrup

Keywords: boil bake breakfast brown sugar banana cinnamon

My girls were delighted with this recipe, especially with the oowy, goowy syrup. I tweaked the original recipe a bit. When I read through the ingredients I thought..."oh this is gonna be can I make it even better?" Since I was already making something sugary and out of the ordinary...

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