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Border Bean Burritos with Mild Sauce

Keywords: blender saute simmer entree dressing nut-free pealightful soy-free

You could hit Taco Bell for dinner, or you could whip this together in minutes, knowing exactly what you and your family are getting.


Fiesta Quinoa Bowl

Keywords: Quinoa Cinco de Mayo Summer Spring

Quick, easy, and delicious quinoa bowl that's truly a festival of flavors!


Fiesta Salad with Chipotle-Mayo Tempeh

Keywords: entree salad vegan nut-free low-sodium vegetarian gluten-free tempeh

When I think salaad, I think party. When I think party, I think...fiesta! So, I didn't exactly throw a fiesta but I made my lunch into one. This salad encompasses everything your run-of-the-mill fiesta should: color, fun, and lots of flavor! Make it, love it, enjoy it!


Exploding Burrito Bowl

Keywords: boil entree lunch salad dairy-free gluten-free high protein low-sodium


Fish Ceviche

Keywords: appetizer Cinco de Mayo Super Bowl Mexican Seafood

This healthy, fresh fish ceviche recipe is a crowd-pleaser. It makes a great appetizer for a party and looks (and tastes) like it takes hours to make when in reality it's quick and easy!


Enchilada stuffed pasta shells

Keywords: bake entree vegetarian pasta black beans Cinco de Mayo

An Italian-Mexican fusion dish, these enchilada pasta shells will have everyone coming back for seconds... and thirds.


Easy Empanadas with Spinach, Mushrooms & Goat Cheese

Keywords: bake appetizer snack vegetarian pie crust goat cheese mushroom

Using pre-made pie crust makes these tasty empanadas a breeze!


Easy Guacamole

Keywords: appetizer avocado Cinco de Mayo Mexican

Fast and easy, this quick dip is perfect on tortilla chips or with your favorite Mexican meal.


Easy Homemade Guacamole Dip

Keywords: appetizer vegetarian avocado July 4th Cinco de Mayo

Matt and I have been perfecting our guacamole recipe for years. We have it down to a science, and our secret ingredient is mixing in a huge dollop of Greek yogurt. You’ve probably seen me refer to this as “Yoga-mole” on the blog!


Fish Tacos with Strawberry-Cucumber Salsa

Keywords: bake roast entree sauce Cinco de Mayo Mexican summer

Celebrate summer with this sweet and savory fish tacos. Make sure to get the sweetest, freshest berries possible for the best flavor!


Flank Steak Fajitas

Keywords: grill entree gluten-free green bell pepper onions Cinco de Mayo

The flank steak is marinated in a little bit of olive oil, garlic, and lime juice then rubbed down with my smoky spice blend. Serve with a side of your favorite salsa and guacamole to round out a healthy, but mouthwatering meal at home.


Frozen Margaritas

Keywords: blender beverage Cinco de Mayo

The easiest and most delicious margarita recipe - plus no need to squeeze hundreds of limes! Takes just minutes to prepare - which is great for entertaining.


Fruit Cup Salsa

Keywords: appetizer snack jalapeno tomato peaches Cinco de Mayo Southwest

Create individual servings of this fruity salsa for a healthy snack.

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