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Healthy Cinco-de-Layer Dip (or Mini Salad!)

Keywords: salad side snack dip gluten-free low-carb nut-free vegetarian avocado

The truth is, I made this as a “healthy seven layer dip.” I actually had six layers in mind … and then I got the “Cinco-de-Layer Dip” idea, and got really excited (I even told Kevin, and I think he rolled his eyes). I ended up with a five-layer version that saves you 175 calories and 13g...


Healthy Mexican Vegetable Lasagna

Keywords: bake entree vegetarian Cinco de Mayo Mexican

A hearty Mexican style lasagna packed full of roasted veggies.


Healthy Taco Lettuce Wraps

Keywords: entree dairy-free gluten-free healthy high-protein low-calorie low-carb

Healthy Taco Lettuce Wraps with an irresistible rich flavor, tons of nutrients and amazingly delicious!‬


Healthy Chimichurri Shrimp

Keywords: bake appetizer dairy-free gluten-free healthy high-protein low-calorie

Start your next party with easy, yet impressive, Healthy Chimichurri Shrimp. Sure to be a huge hit and leave guests asking for the recipe!


Handmade Corn Tortillas

Keywords: bread side entree vegan vegetarian soy-free gluten-free corn masa harina

There really is no comparison between fresh handmade corn tortillas and the tortillas you buy at the store. These tortillas are so easy to make and so worth the extra effort!


Guacamole with Beer-Soaked Tomatoes

Keywords: raw appetizer side snack vegetarian vegan Cinco de Mayo

Guacamole and beer, together again!



Keywords: fry entree 3 points+ Cinco de Mayo Mexican

Spice up your taco night by adding a layer of smooth, creamy guacamole. Use the leftovers from Taco Night to make Nachos or Taco Salads to get 3 meals for 1!


Guajillo Salsa

Keywords: appetizer side gluten-free vegan Super Bowl Cinco de Mayo

Guajillo chiles are a great chile to use, especially if you don't like salsa to spicy. This will last in your fridge for about a week. It is great topped on tacos and quesadillas!


Healthy Vegan Puppy Chow

Keywords: no bake dessert snack party food vegan vegetarian soy-free

If you've ever had Puppy Chow (no, not dog food...the naughty sweet treat, silly!) then you know how addictive and delicious it is. I purposefully only make it during the Holiday Season and say I'm going to give it away but somehow it ends up in my fingers. Weird.


Hearts of Palm Ceviche

Keywords: appetizer vegan vegetarian hearts of palm Cinco de Mayo


Homemade Flour Tortillas

Keywords: bread vegetarian Cinco de Mayo kid friendly make ahead

An easy flatbread to make in your kitchen, and a great way for kids to have fun in the kitchen.


Homemade red enchilada sauce

Keywords: entree vegan vegetarian Cinco de Mayo

It takes just 5 minutes to make your own enchilada sauce, and you can be sure that your ingredients are all natural.


Homemade Refried Beans

Keywords: entree beans Cinco de Mayo

Whether you serve these beans as a dip, on your tacos, under a pile of nachos or just as a side, you family will adore these refried beans.

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