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Grilled Corn with Mexican Crema (Elote)

Keywords: grill side gluten-free nut-free pealightful vegan vegetarian Cinco de Mayo

Want crema all over your face and corn in between your teeth? Here's how to get it.


Grilled Pineapple Avocado Hummus Bites

Keywords: grill appetizer snack dairy-free healthy low-calorie avocado chickpeas

Grilled Pineapple… juicy and sweet- the absolute perfect pairing with creamy Avocado Hummus and savory TRISCUIT Crackers! This is the ultimate summer appetizer!


Guacamole and White Bean Dip

Keywords: saute appetizer beans avocado garlic Cinco de Mayo Mexican

Guacamole with an Italian kick from white beans and basil.


Guacamole Hummus

Keywords: blender appetizer side snack soy-free low-sodium gluten-free vegan

You know when you go to restaurants and the hummus is impossibly creamy and fluffy? Try as I might, I could never replicate it at home. Until I learned the secret to the Holy Grail. Peel the chickpeas.


guacamole in a mug

Keywords: raw snack appetizer gluten-free vegan vegetarian avocado Cinco de Mayo

Creamy, avocado with lime and salt.



Keywords: appetizer happy hour avocados tomatoes cilantro Cinco de Mayo

Fresh ingredients in this traditional Mexican recipe



Keywords: raw appetizer dip party side avocado chillies Cinco de Mayo


Grilled salsa verde

Keywords: grill side snack gluten-free low fat low-carb low-sodium nut-free

Grilled tomatillos, pasilla peppers, jalapeño and pineapple.



Keywords: appetizer dips Cinco de Mayo Super Bowl

This guacamole comes together really fast, requiring only about 15 minutes. I like to serve it with some tortilla chips along side some of my favorite salsa.


Classic Margaritas

Keywords: beverage Cocktails lime tequila Cinco de Mayo Mexican summer


Cinco de Mayo Paletas (Strawberry, Coconut, & Avocado-Kale Ice Pops)

Keywords: snack dessert vegetarian avocado coconut kale strawberries Cinco de Mayo

These ice pops layered with the colors of the Mexican flag are the perfect addition to any Cinco de Mayo fiesta!


BlackBean, Corn, and Avocado Salsa

Keywords: appetizer snack Cinco de Mayo Super Bowl July 4th


Blood Orange Margarita

Keywords: beverage gluten-free vegan vegetarian Cinco de Mayo

Original Source: Confections of a Foodie Bride

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