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Basil Pesto

Keywords: basil. fresh,oil, pine nuts, basil leaves,

Basil Pesto is great with/on so many things~


Basic Sauerkraut

Keywords: raw fermenting salad side appetizer gluten-free vegan nut-free cabbage

Fermentation, an ancient method of preserving the harvest, produces foods that are rich in probiotics and enzymes, which help improve digestion and overall health. Some common foods like yoghurt and miso contain these beneficial probiotics, but did you know that there are a host of other fermented foods...


Basic Garlic Hummus

Keywords: food processor appetizer dip vegan vegetarian gluten-free


Barley Casserole with Tahini Dressing

Keywords: bake food processor simmer saute entree low-fat low-sodium sugar-free

Adapted from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone.


Barley Kale & Cherry Salad

Keywords: food processor salad side vegetarian vegan barley cherries kale

A summery fruit and grain salad with a touch of sweetness, lightly covered in a pesto dressing.


Basil Pesto Quiche

Keywords: bake gluten-free basil chickpea flour

Here is a recipe for an absolutely scrumptious, divine, lush basil pesto quiche!


Basil Walnut Pesto Sauce

Keywords: food processor sauce vegetarian basil walnuts

A fresh, raw sauce made with basil, walnuts, garlic, parmesan cheese and olive oil.


Beans and Peas Noodle Soup

Keywords: blender food processor stove 5-min snack snacks and light meals

I love a good dip with raw veggies, and I'm often to be found whipping up a batch at a moments notice. Now I've discovered that with just an extra couple of minutes work you have yourself a bowl of thick hot luxurious soup! The day after taking these photos I made the soup again (more dip leftovers)...


Blueberry and Strawberry Vegan Cream Cheese (Spread, Dip and Icing)

Keywords: food processor raw dessert treat clean dairy-free healthy fat

This recipe is vegan, gluten free, clean, dairy free, raw and an amazing substitute for your cream cheese, icing, dip or spread cravings! DAMY Members – 1 Tbsp can be used with meal 2 or 1/4 cup can be used as part of a treat (use to top DAMY Cookies, Protein Muffins, Cupcakes or Brownies – Awesome...


Beet Red Pancakes

Keywords: breakfast healthy beets cottage cheese pancake mix Valentine's Day

The perfect special Valentine's Day breakfast for your sweetie!


Bean Mayonnaise

Keywords: blender food processor dairy-free gluten-free grain-free refined sugar-free

It’s gluten-free, it’s vegan, it’s lower in oil, free of soy AND it tastes like mayo.


Bean and Olive Dip

Keywords: food processor entree side beans spinach black olives hot sauce


Basil-Arugula Pesto

Keywords: food processor sauce vegetarian low-carb basil argula

You can also halve the amount of olive oil and use veggie broth instead. It makes for a thinner consistency, but is a healthy, delicious alternative.

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