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Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Soup.

Keywords: saute freezer friendly soup/stew nut-free soy-free coconut milk


Coconut Coffee Ice Cream

Keywords: freeze dessert snack dairy free paleo coconut coconut milk

This dairy free coconut coffee ice cream is chock full of coconut flavor with a punch of coffee.


Coconut Almond Butter Dessert Bites

Keywords: no bake freeze side snack dessert paleo vegan vegetarian almonds

A no bake, simple truffle with coconut & almond butter. {paleo} {gluten free} {grain free}


Coconut Blissful Cheesecake

Keywords: blender freezer dessert vegetarian vegan soy-free gluten-free low-sodium

When I found out about a vegan blogging conference in Portland, I was bouncing off the walls. When I discovered that it was sold out, I stopped bouncing. But alas! There's still hope! The generous people at Coconut Bliss are holding a contest for a golden ticket...


Chorizo Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos

Keywords: bake Freezer meal breakfast egg tortilla


Chocolate Truffles

Keywords: food processor mix freezer dessert dairy-free gluten-free low-sodium

These groovy chocolate balls will make you drool. And they can be made into a cake, too!


Chocolate Mint Freezer Bars


A healthy and delicious way to beat the summer heat.


Chocolate Oat Freezer Cookies

Keywords: dessert snack sugar-free vegan oil-free nut-free gluten-free chocolate

Simple, delightful chocolate treats you can store in your freezer for long-term happiness. :)


Chocolate PB Banana Frozen Treats

Keywords: Freezer dessert snack gluten-free low-carb refined sugar-free

Gosh these are SO good and SO easy to make! Great little snack or dessert!


Chocolate Instead of Love Cups

Keywords: freezer double boiler dessert gluten-free dairy-free vegetarian

Hazelnut filled chocolate cups


Chocolate Frozen Yogurt [made healthy!]

Keywords: freezer no bake dessert snack side eggless gluten-free high protein

Guilt-Free Chocolate Frozen Yogurt -- a secretly healthy dessert with only 100 calories per serving!


Chocolate Dipped Fudge Pops (3 Ways)

Keywords: blender no-bake freeze dessert dairy-free gluten-free vegan banana

Fudge pops are an ice-cream shortcut and can be made in no time. Avocado & banana add creamy texture. Don't forget the chocolate dip! Vegan & gluten-free


Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Keywords: freeze dessert low-carb ice-cream

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