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Apple Fritters

Keywords: breakfast dessert apples doughnuts

Apple fritters warm from the fryer are the perfect little autumn treats!


“Battered” Fried Chickpeas

Keywords: fry appetizer snack lunch dairy free gluten-free low sugar

Bored of plain chickpeas? The nutritional yeast and seasonings give the chickpeas a thin coating and a ton of flavour, perfect for popping into your mouth. Keep in mind that the chickpeas don’t get crispy, but they do firm up a bit. I used garlic powder instead of fresh garlic in this recipe because...


Baked Bloomin' Onion

Keywords: appetizer side vegetarian onions

Copycat bloomin' onions, baked or fried with a decadent dipping sauce.


Bacon Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keywords: fry bake dessert bacon coffee chocolate chips pecans cookie American

What's better than cookies? Bacon in cookies.


Bacon Fried Tofu

Keywords: fry breakfast lunch entree sandwich side vegan vegetarian tofu

There's nothing like the finding a vegan alternative to bacon! Now it's not exactly the same but it really satisfies that craving for crispy bacon. I've used tofu to recreate that bacon flavor using liquid smoke. Eat it plain, with a piece of of toast or on a sandwich like I did here.


Bacon Cheddar Cauliflower Fritters

Keywords: pan fry side bacon cauliflower jalapenos cheese

Pan-fried fritters with bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapenos and scallions.


Bacon & Egg Breakfast Fried Rice

Keywords: stir-fry stovetop entree breakfast bacon rice soy sauce eggs

With just a few ingredients, it's easy to make this Bacon & Egg Breakfast Fried Rice! Who says breakfast has to be boring? Great for dinner, too!


Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Keywords: fry grill appetizer brussels sprouts bacon

Yes brussels sprouts! Don't judge this recipe by its name... Consider the fact there is bacon in it. Bacon saves anything, EVEN little lettuce balls.


Bacon and Asparagus Fried Couscous

Keywords: boil pan fry stove top side dairy free couscous asparagus

This quick and simple bacon and asparagus fried couscous is pan fried in bacon fat for a delicious spin on fried rice.


Bacon Breakfast Burger

Keywords: grill fry entree sandwich beef eggs bacon American

Because sometimes it's necessary to have breakfast for dinner....


Bacon-Fried Apple Pie

Keywords: fry appetizer breakfast dessert pie


Baked Eggplant Italiano

Keywords: bake entree vegetarian sugar-free soy-free nut-free gluten-free wheat


Baked Mexican-style Poutine

Keywords: bake entree potatoes chicken gravy

A healthier, at-home version of a Canadian signature dish.

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