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Asian Turkey Lettuce Cups

Keywords: stir-fry appetizer lunch snack entree gluten-free high protein


Authentic Sopaipillas

Keywords: fry appetizer New Mexican

Golden puffed pillows of fried bread. Perfect served warm and fresh with honey drizzled inside.


Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich

Keywords: fry grill breakfast banana chia seeds pumpkin whole wheat bread


“Give Me More” Creamy Pasta Alfredo with Sauteed Summer Squash

Keywords: stir-fry steam entree vegetarian sugar-free nut-free pasta cauliflower

Replicates the creaminess of Alfredo without copious of amounts of cream and butter. The secret is in the cauliflower! Add chicken, tofu, or other lean protein if desired.


B''s Bacon and Sauerkraut Pierogi

Keywords: pan fry bacon sauerkraut German

One of Brandon's traditional family recipe.


Baby Kale, Shitake and Arame Stir Fry

Keywords: saute entree gluten-free nut-free paleo sugar-free vegan kale mushrooms

This stir fry is just delicious, so full of flavour and packed with nutrition. Baby kale, shitake mushrooms and carrots form the base of the stir fry, while the sea vegetable packs a powerful nutrition punch with it’s high mineral content and anti-inflammatory fucoidans. Tamari, ginger, maple syrup...


Avocado Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Keywords: fry appetizer vegan vegetarian avocado jalapeno Super Bowl

One thing we can all agree on is really good food, and these avocado jalapeno poppers are so scrumptious and addictive you might have trouble stopping. I can honestly say, I love them and I could eat them all the time if given the chance. The creamy avocado, the crunchy fried won ton wrapper, and the...


Avocado Bacon Chicken Salad

Keywords: saute fry breakfast entree salad gluten-free grain free low-carb

Ripe luscious green avocado mingled with crisp pancetta or bacon, leftover shredded chicken thigh meat, pecans, olives and cucumber for a pop of freshness!



Keywords: pan-fry breakfast vegetarian avocado summer all seasons

A delicious, high-protein breakfast that can be customized to fit any taste buds (except those that don't like avocados).


Avocado and Goat Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

Keywords: fry bake appetizer entree snack gluten-free low-carb nut-free soy-free

Giant meatballs filled with a delicious surprise! Easy, tasty, and fun food. If you can’t tolerate dairy, feel free to eliminate the goat cheese entirely or substitute your favourite dairy-free cheese.


Baked Zucchini Fries

Keywords: stir-fry side vegetarian American

Oven baked fries that make a great side with burgers and sandwiches.


Balsamic Chicken Noodle Bowl

Keywords: stir-fry entree balsamic vinegar chicken pasta tomatoes


Banana Protein Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast bakes breakfast pancakes all recipes gluten-free

This Healthy Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe is one you'll find yourself making over and over as it is so delicious! They are also low fat, gluten free, high protein, sugar free, clean eating friendly and so easy to make! Makes just a single serving, but easily doubled to serve more!

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