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Banana S'mores Protein Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast high protein whole wheat pastry flour

Naturally sweet bananas make these s'mores pancakes drizzled in luxurious chocolate syrup the perfect breakfast for a cool autumn morning.


Banana Stuffed Crispy Peanut Butter French Toast for One

Keywords: fry breakfast banana bread peanut butter


Banana Peanut Butter Elvis Pancakes

Keywords: saute fry breakfast gluten-free vegan vegetarian almond milk

The Elvis stack! Banana Pancakes with peanut butter cream sauce, coconut bacon and chocolate chips!


Banana Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast vegan vegetarian banana

These pancakes are moist and full of sweet fresh banana flavor. Delicious topped with fresh banana slices and maple syrup.


Banana Nutella Wontons

Keywords: fry dessert 3 ingredient banana Nutella deep fried

Simple, easy banana and Nutella filled wontons.


Banana Oat Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast gluten-free nut-free vegan sugar-free

A delicious and surprisingly light pancake, these banana oat pancakes are gluten free and the prefect nutritious way to start a lazy morning


Banana Paleo Protein Recovery Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast snack gluten-free grain free nut-free paleo soy-free

Light fluffy moist banana paleo protein infused pancakes with an extra hit of fibre...the perfect recovery breakfast!


Banana Walnut Protein Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast gluten-free low-carb low-sodium sugar-free low-sugar

These banana-walnut protein pancakes might be among the fluffiest I’ve ever made!


Banana-Peanut Butter Bunny Cakes

Keywords: fry brunch breakfast gluten-free low-sodium low-sugar nut-free soy-free

Who needs an Easter basket when you have pancakes?


Bangers and Mash

Keywords: fry entree fall

A hearty meal idea for a chilly day.


Barbecue Salmon Tostadas

Keywords: grill fry entree gluten-free grain free nut-free paleo coconut flour

There are no words...ok maybe just a few! Paleo torillas loaded with avocado, barbacue salmon, creamy hemp dressing and a mango n strawberry salsa!!!


Barbecue Tempeh Burger

Keywords: saute fry entree vegan vegetarian soy-free tempeh blackstrap molasses

A delicious healthy alternative to the traditional meat lovers burger and fries! Beet chips really are amazing and highly addictive!


Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos

Keywords: fry entree shrimp tortillas Southwest Tex-Mex

A Bonefish Grill Restaurant copycat you can make at home.

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