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Banana Buckwheat Protein Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast gluten-free vegan vegetarian almond milk banana

Thick fluffy protein packed banana pancakes with a subtle vanilla flavour...gluten free and as always vegan friendly!


Banana Chia Pancakes with Coconut Creme Sauce

Keywords: fry breakfast vegan gluten-free banana chia seeds coconut dates

These pancakes are full of fiber and oh so yummy!!! You HAVE to try these with the coconut creme sauce! YUM!!!


Banana Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Keywords: blender fry breakfast breakfast bakes pancakes all recipes

This thick and fluffy Healthy Banana Pancakes Recipe is SO delicious and so easy to make. They are gluten free, low fat, sugar free, high protein and makes a small batch that is perfect for lazy weekend breakfasts.


Banana Flax Breakfast Scramble

Keywords: fry breakfast gluten-free healthy paleo banana egg whites honey

The perfect healthy breakfast to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you full all morning!


Banana French Toast

Keywords: grill fry breakfast vegan

Who says vegans can't enjoy French Toast. There is no need for eggs in this recipe. Enjoy the crispy outer edge and soft inside of this classic turned vegan.


Banana Coconut Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast vegetarian fall spring summer winter

Breakfast doesn't get much easier than this!


Banana Coconut Buckwheat Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast vegan vegetarian soy-free gluten-free almond milk

Thick fluffy coconut and banana infused pancakes...incredible flavour and texture!


Banana Chimi

Keywords: dessert 5 ingredients or less banana fruit Mexican


Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast gluten-free grain-free dairy-free soy-free refined sugar-free

These pancakes are light, fluffy and ridiculously filling.


Asian Stir-Fry

Keywords: saute stir-fry entree vegan gluten-free red bell pepper

If you want something simple, quick, and easy for dinner, try this stir-fry!


All-American Burger Wrap

Keywords: fry entree American

This mouth watering wrap combines hearty beef, fresh vegetables, gooey cheese, and a decadent sauce to satisfy anyone's All-American craving.


Allu Bhajjis with Hari Chutney

Keywords: blender fry appetizer snack vegetable

Sliced potatoes fried in a gram flour batter. Best enjoyed with hari chutney these bhajjis are ideal for a rainy day.

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