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Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich

Keywords: fry grill breakfast banana chia seeds pumpkin whole wheat bread


Atomic Buffalo Turds

Keywords: grill appetizer side


Asian-Inspired Seafood with Vegetables

Keywords: grill roast steam boil dinner healthy high-protein vegetarian tofu

Versatile, delicious and uber-healthy weekday dinner.


Asian-Marinated Tofu

Keywords: grill entree vegan vegetarian sugar-free low-carb gluten-free tofu

I love the combination of tofu with Asian spices.


Asparagus, pea and quinoa salad

Keywords: grill boil salad lunch dinner vegan vegetarian quinoa asparagus peas

A fresh summer salad with deep earthy flavours and a zingy dressing.


Avocado Corn Chowder

Keywords: soup/stew gluten-free avocado summer

Usually soup to me is something you enjoy by the fire when it’s freezing outside, but it actually is very tasty as a summery chilled version. It took me a second to wrap my head around avocado soup, but it was delicious!


Avocado Strawberry Toast

Keywords: grill breakfast sandwich snack avocado cashew butter spelt sandwich bread

The best toast topping of the summer season! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Back-on-Track Bok Choy Delight

Keywords: bake saute entree gluten-free vegetarian vegan sugar-free nut-free

Perfect for getting back on track for the New Year! Bok choy is loaded with vitamins A and C, both helpful this time of year when colds and illnesses abound. In fact, one cup of bok choy has more than 100% of your RDA for Vitamin A, and about 2/3 of your RDA for Vitamin C! This dish is incredibly...


Bacon and Egg Hash

Keywords: saute breakfast entree


#Ad Crunchy Gluten-Free Chicken Tacos with Cabbage-Mango Slaw

Keywords: heat lunch entree low-carb gluten-free chicken cabbage mango tacos


Baba Ghanoush

Keywords: grill appetizer snack Mediterranean

I love to serve baba ghanoush with warm pita and raw veggies but I must say that the combination hummus + baba ghanoush + tapenade + cucumber in a warm pita is out of this world! Try it!


Awesome Turkey Burgers

Keywords: grill entree turkey cumin

These simple burgers are fabulous.


Avocado-dressed shrimp a la mexicana tostada

Keywords: blender grill appetizer entree snack avocado Lime shrimp Tomato Cinco de Mayo

Great as a snack, appetizer or light meal. The combination of avocado, shrimp and lime is heavenly on a hot summer day.

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