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BBQ Glazed Meatballs

Keywords: grill appetizer entree healthy low-fat beef pineapple


BBQ Mustard Chicken

Keywords: grill entree gluten-free low-carb low-sodium low-sugar nut-free soy-free

This is a quick marinade, and it packs a punch! I used smoked paprika and my healthy homemade BBQ sauce (I keep a batch on hand all summer) to heat it up.


BBQ Pork Burgers

Keywords: grill entree burgers BBQ July 4th Super Bowl summer spring

Savor the taste of grilling season with these BBQ pork burgers. They are seasoned with BBQ spices, then topped with an easy to make BBQ sauce


BBQ Chickpea Burgers

Keywords: grill lunch sandwich vegan chickpeas

Adapted from and Peas and Thank You cookbook


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Keywords: bake grill entree pizza healthy low-fat chicken


BBQ Chicken Burger

Keywords: grill entree sandwich healthy low-fat chicken


BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad

Keywords: grill no cook salad lunch entree chicken bbq sauce sweet corn

BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad is smokey-sweet, crunchy and filling. The perfect summer salad!


BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza

Keywords: bake entree 10 points+

Pita Pizzas are one of my go to recipes that I make whenever I have a pizza craving because they are easy to make, you get to eat the ENTIRE pizza and they are filling. Serve it up with a nice salad for a complete lunch or dinner.


BBQ Pork Ribs

Keywords: grill entree coconut sugar pork pork ribs BBQ Rub Picnic

I discovered this recipe for BBQ ribs a few years ago at Saveur Magazine and it has been my go-to version ever since. I have made very minor tweaks like subbing coconut sugar for brown and white sugar, adding Dijon mustard to the sauce and using fresh garlic instead of powder. And I wrap the cooked ribs...


Bean & Corn Salad

Keywords: grill blanch salad vegan vegetarian chickpeas corn green beans

Light and full of fresh summer flavors


Bean & Egg Burrito

Keywords: grill breakfast vegetarian


Bean Burgers

Keywords: grill entree vegan vegetarian beans summer

These yummy (and easy!) summer bean burgers are perfect for grilling, but if you want to take it inside during the winter, they bake up in the oven nicely as well. They are very versatile too, you can sub different types of beans or other veggies!

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