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10 Minute Pasta Salad with Chicken

Keywords: boil raw salad side pasta chicken Italian

This is one of those recipes that don’t really call for any quantities – just throw in as much as you have of whatever you have, and don’t forget pasta


5-ingredient grilled peach arugula salad

Keywords: salad gluten-free healthy high fiber vegetarian peach feta avocado


5-minute fruit crumble

Keywords: 5-min snack grill stove dessert vegan gluten-free fruit pies crumbles and puddings

This crumble literally takes five minutes. It's healthy and gluten free. There is absolutely no excuse not to make it! The almond flour made a great gluten-free topping, lightly crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth. it was a simple 'throw the ingredients into a bowl and clump up your fingers'...


8 hour Smoked Pork Shoulder

Keywords: grill roast entree gluten-free grain free low-carb nut-free soy-free

Slow cooked smoked boneless pork shoulder...oven or barbecue, the latter yields a stronger flavour but both yield beautifully tender melt in the mouth fall apart meat!


4 Ingredient Simple Grilled Chicken

Keywords: broil grill entree chicken

A simple, flavorful chicken entree. When you want chicken that is not too spicy, or saucy, yet flavorful. It's amazing how just a few ingredients bring such flavor.


3 ingredient quesadillas

Keywords: grill saute appetizer entree dinner in 20 minutes snack

Dinner in under 30 minutes: 3 ingredient chicken quesadillas


15-Minute Pasta Salad

Keywords: grill appetizer salad entree side vegetarian balsamic pasta salad


20 Minute Tacos

Keywords: grill microwave saute entree gluten-free dairy-free Cinco de Mayo

make tacos in a jiffy!


Apricot Glazed Hot Wings

Keywords: grill appetizer low-carb chicken chicken wings apricot Tailgate

These hot wings take on an Asian twist.


Apricot Glazed Turkey Burgers Stuffed with Goat Cheese

Keywords: grill entree sandwich turkey Goat cheese burger

Burgers so tasty, you don't even need a bun.


Avocado & Grilled Shrimp Salad

Keywords: grill raw salad entree avocado

Perfect for lunch or a light dinner, this salad is fast, fresh and delicious. Fresh shrimp marinated in a lime vinaigrette then grilled and added to a salad piled high with buttery avocado, spicy arugula and sweet red onion. This dish is also nice stuffed into warm corn tortillas for tacos or layered...


Avocado & Strawberry Grilled Cheese

Keywords: grill main sandwich bread avocado strawberries cheese summer


Avocado chicken salad

Keywords: grill bake 21dsd chicken breast avocado roma tomato

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