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Flying Purple People Eater Cake and Cake Pops

Keywords: Halloween cake cake pop

Purple people eater in their spaceships


Frankenberry S'mores

Keywords: bake dessert cereal marshmallows chocolate Halloween bars fall

Use Frankenberry Cereal to make this Ghoulishly delicious treat for Halloween. Original Blog Post Here


Fudgy chokladbrownie med pumpaswirl

Keywords: bake dessert cream cheese havregryn kakao kesella kvarg


Fluffernutter Chocolate Cake

Keywords: bake cake dessert peanut butter Easter Halloween birthday Super Bowl

Moist chocolate cake slathered in peanut butter and marshmallow buttercreams. It doesn't get much better than this!


Flourless Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes

Keywords: bake dessert dairy-free gluten-free healthy paleo cocoa powder

Fudgy and oh so decadent, you'll never miss the flour in these gluten-free, paleo chocolate cupcakes!


Eye of Newt {Chia} Pudding

Keywords: no bake quick and easy snack breakfast Halloween

A ghoulish treat that packs a nutritional punch! **Don't forget to click the "Full Post" link to see the complete recipe and full, original post.**


Fall Spiced Buttercream

Keywords: dessert Christmas Halloween Thanksgiving dessert toppings fall

Use to top my Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes!


Fall Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Keywords: bake snack Halloween fall

The perfect way to use every part of your pumpkins this Fall season!


Fudgy Double Crème de Menthe Brownies

Keywords: bake bars brownie brownies dessert nut-free chocolate Creme de Menthe

These brownies were a heavenly combination of fudgy, creamy, rich and minty all at the same time.


Fudgy pumpkin brownies

Keywords: bake snack dessert chocolate pumpkin Halloween brownies fall

Super fudgy chocolate pumpkin brownies with a rich coconut oil ganache on top. Perfect for Halloween or anytime during fall.


Ghoulish Graveyard Chocolate Pudding Pie

Keywords: no bake dessert Halloween pie

This Ghoulish Graveyard Chocolate Pudding Pie is the perfect sweet treat for your little monsters, this Halloween. It may look a little frightful, but the taste of this chocolatey pudding pie is anything but scary!


Ghoulish Green Halloween Smoothie for Baby

Keywords: blender breakfast snack vegetarian avocado banana pumpkin spinach


Ginger Snap Pumpkin Pie

Keywords: bake dessert vegan vegetarian low-carb pumpkin Halloween Thanksgiving

A ginger-snap crust pairs perfectly complements the vegan pumpkin pie. Reader favorite dessert of 2011!

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