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Apple Pancakes

Keywords: blender vitamix griddle breakfast sugar-free nut-free low-sodium

Delicious Apple Pancake Recipe! I got this out of the Vitamix Cookbook.


Apple Pie Milkshake

Keywords: blender beverage shake dessert gluten-free low-sodium low-sugar nut-free

Apple Pie is fantastic a la mode… it’s only natural that it become part of the la mode.


Apple Pie Oatmeal

Keywords: saute boil breakfast healthy vegan steel cut oats apple

Bursting with Fall flavors and perfect for warming you up on a cold morning!


Apple Pizza

Keywords: bake appetizer breakfast dessert healthy thanksgiving dinner

A Recipe by Diana Keuilian. We found this recipe online and credit goes to chef Diana Keuilian. The only small change we made was swapping to the Pure Maple Syrup for Agave Syrup. Feel free to use Maple Syrup if you wish. We also changed up the temp to bake to 400 and not 425. This is gluten...


Apple Pumpkin Pie

Keywords: bake dessert vegan vegetarian Christmas Thanksgiving pie healthy

Notes: • Look at the pictures above. I tried very hard to conceal it, but you should be able to see that the pecan & date crust is badly constructed. That's because I forgot to grease and/or line my pie tin. Bad move. You want to make sure you grease, and just for extra precaution line your...


Apple Quinoa Stuffed Kabocha

Keywords: entree healthy choice kabocha squash quinoa

Kabocha is fantastic for stuffing and is packed with nutrition.


Apple Pie Protein Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast snack gluten-free high-protein healthy low-calorie

I think we can officially say it’s apple season. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this irresistible Apple Pie Protein Smoothie!


Apple Pie Overnight Dessert Oats... made healthy!

Keywords: fridge no bake breakfast dessert side snack eggless gluten-free

Healthy Apple Pie Overnight Dessert Oats! This will make you JUMP out of bed in the morning. Seriously. It's instant breakfast!


Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies

Keywords: bake dessert healthy apple dates oats cookie

These Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies taste just like their namesake. Sweet apple with hearty whole grain oats, cinnamon and date drizzle make these cookies absolutely irresistible! See full post for nutritional information.


Apple Pie Oatmeal Muffins

Keywords: bake breakfast muffin dairy-free gluten-free healthy low-calorie apple

Baked oatmeal in muffin form filled with warm fall spices, wholesome ingredients, lovely flavors of apple pie and only 100 calories! (DF, GF)


Asian Salmon

Keywords: bake entree healthy fish


Asian Sesame Naan Pizza

Keywords: bake entree pizza healthy chicken mozzarella cheese

This easy Asian Sesame Naan Pizza is so simple to throw together, but has an amazing flavor that can’t be denied!


Baked Cinnamon Donuts (Healthy & Vegan)

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert snack donuts all recipes gluten-free low fat

Cinnamon Donuts get a healthy makeover with this Vegan Baked Cinnamon Donuts Recipe. Forget worrying about rolling the donuts in sugar either - these ones have the cinnamon sugar topping baked right into the donut! Vegan, gluten free, low fat, low sugar and totally healthy.

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