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Apple-Fennel Salad

Keywords: raw appetizer salad side gluten-free kosher low-carb low-sodium low-sugar

The licorice flavor and crunch of the fennel with the sweet apple and a little punch from the chili pepper make this salad something unexpected and delicious.


Apricot Honey Scones

Keywords: bread breakfast vegetarian dried fruit apricots honey Gifts From the Kitchen

Honey-sweetened scones loaded with dried apricots, perfect for breakfast or your next brunch.


Asparagus & Goat Cheese Frittata

Keywords: bake roast breakfast main vegetarian eggs cheese spring


Apricot Crumbles

Keywords: bake dessert


Apricot Almond Butter Snack Bites

Keywords: raw food processor snack high protein low-carb apricot cashews

A no bake, high protein snack made with dates, almond butter and dried apricots.


Apple-pear Sauce

Keywords: stew snack dessert sauce vegetarian sugar-free soy-free nut-free gluten-free

A simple pairing of fresh apples, ripe pears and juice come together for this nourishing, naturally sweet apple-pear sauce. Serve it warm with spiced ghee stirred in just prior to serving.


Apricot & Basil Tart

Keywords: dessert vegetarian apricot basil marscapone cheese tart


Arepas Rellenos


Arepas are corn based flat breads that are great with melted cheese for a hand-held snack or for sandwiches for both vegetarians and omnivores alike.


Bacon, Parmesan and Spinach Gratin

Keywords: appetizer side greens swiss chard bacon parmesan Christmas New Years

This delectable casserole starts with a base of greens, crumbled bacon and parmesan cheese. All of that deliciousness is smothered with a rich, creamy sauce, topped with buttery bread crumbs and baked to a hot, bubbly mess!


Avocado, Salmon, & Cucumber Salad

Keywords: salad entree avocado salmon


Avocado-Corn Relish

Keywords: raw appetizer side snack vegan vegetarian nut-free avocado Cinco de Mayo

It’s like everything good and creamy and flavorful about guacamole, but with more crunch and an explosion of sweetness from the kernels of fresh, raw corn. And because it’s chunky instead of smooth, like guac can be, it adds an amazing texture that is totally different from anything else in the taco....


Bacon Hatch Chile Wraps with Cilantro Cream

Keywords: entree bacon hatch chile cotija cheese wraps

Bacon Hatch Chile Wraps with Cilantro Cream


Avocado with Cucumber Salsa

Keywords: raw salad lunch vegetarian avocado cucumber

Green and fresh with a taste to match.

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