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Apricot & Dijon Glazed Salmon

Keywords: bake entree gluten-free low-carb nut-free soy-free salmon


Apple-Fennel Salad

Keywords: raw appetizer salad side gluten-free kosher low-carb low-sodium low-sugar

The licorice flavor and crunch of the fennel with the sweet apple and a little punch from the chili pepper make this salad something unexpected and delicious.


Apple-Cinnamon-Raisin Muffies

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert low-carb sugar-free vegan soy-free muffin


Apple-Cranberry Oat Crisp

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert vegetarian low-carb healthy oats apples cranberries

This crisp will make a delicious and healthy addition to any breakfast or brunch. Can also be enjoyed as a dessert.


Apple Infused Root Vegetables in the Crockpot

Keywords: slow-cooker side main dish snack dairy-free gluten-free grain-free

Apple infused vegetables, "roasted" in the crockpot. No need to turn on the stove, the crockpot does all the work!


Apple Cinnamon Quesidilla

Keywords: snack fruit


Appe Cider Cherimoya Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage breakfast snack smoothie workout paleo low-carb cherimoya


Apple 'Butter'

Keywords: slow-cooker breakfast dessert sauce/dressing side snack gluten-free

This deliciously thick apple butter is so sweet (yet sugar free!) it's more of a jam paste, perfect for using in recipes or as a spread.


Apple & Celeriac Soup

Keywords: soup/stew main entree gluten-free low-carb low-sodium nut-free soy-free

Notes: * I'm not sure which apples I used for this recipe. They were half green, half red, if that helps? I suspect Braeburn or Cox. You want a kind that is not too sweet, but not too tart. I detest Granny Smith apples with a fiery passion, but you can use them if you like. * I don't...


Anytime Egg Muffins

Keywords: bake breakfast snack gluten-free grain free low-carb paleo soy-free

These protein packed muffins are loaded with nutrients and taste. Easy and portable, they make a great snack or meal!


Antipasto Platter

Keywords: raw entree appetizer side low-carb pork vegetable

Low card Antipasto Platter


Ancho Chile Chopped Chicken Salad

Keywords: raw salad entree low-carb low-fat gluten-free chicken lettuce Ancho chile

This entree salad is made, tossed, and even served from a mason jar -- perfect for a "to-go" lunch. Full nutritional info at


Anti-oxidant Superfood Smoothie

Keywords: blender vitamix beverage snack vegetarian vegan sugar-free soy-free

This is my new favorite green smoothie and it must be shared! I’m not a big fan of buying packaged goods for my whole food smoothie habit, but when I saw Sambazon Pure Fuzion Acai and Acerola smoothie packs in my local grocer’s freezer section I had to try them. Wow – what a treat!

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