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Apple and Bacon Turkey Patties with Rosemary (Paleo)

Keywords: fry breakfast entree snack gluten-free low-sodium nut-free paleo friendly

These turkey burger patties are all kinds of delicious. Sweetness and texture from the apple, fresh savoury taste from the rosemary, and BACON! 5 ingredients is all you need.


Apple Infused Root Vegetables in the Crockpot

Keywords: slow-cooker side main dish snack dairy-free gluten-free grain-free

Apple infused vegetables, "roasted" in the crockpot. No need to turn on the stove, the crockpot does all the work!


Apple Nachos with Homemade Caramel Sauce

Keywords: simmer appetizer snack sauce egg-free gluten-free healthier low-sodium

Enjoy tart apple slices covered in homemade caramel sauce, cinnamon, lemon juice, chocolate chips, and nuts. This is perfect for a fun snack or even dessert!


Apple Pancakes

Keywords: blender vitamix griddle breakfast sugar-free nut-free low-sodium

Delicious Apple Pancake Recipe! I got this out of the Vitamix Cookbook.


Apple Hill Muffins with Apple Cider 'Caramel'

Keywords: bake bread breakfast dessert snack gluten-free low-fat low-sodium

A light, fragrant, fluffy, cake-like muffin studded with apples and topped with a thick, cinnamon apple glaze. Satisfying enough for dessert, healthy enough for breakfast - oh, and I may have had them for dinner, too ;)


Apple Dutch Babies

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert nut-free low-sodium

I found this recipe in the Vitamix recipe book…and I slightly modified it. It’s name caught my eye because one of my favorite childhood breakfasts was something called “Dutch Babies”. However, this version is much healthier than the one I grew up with!


Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

Keywords: stovetop breakfast snack high protein low-fat low-sodium nut-free

These easy-to-make pancakes are high in protein and low in fat, thanks to protein powder and plain Greek yogurt. They're a perfect treat for a post-workout meal, or any time you need a snack!


Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bread w/ Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Keywords: breakfast snack dessert gluten-free low-sodium raw vegan vegan

They are crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and dense. A little goes a long way! I also made the cinnamon apple sauce to spread on top but the bread had so much flavor on it's own, it might be best to eat them separately. Either way it's great!


Apple Crisp

Keywords: bake dessert breakfast vegan vegetarian soy-free nut-free low-sodium


Apple Peach Butter

Keywords: slow-cooker gluten-free grain-free low-sodium nut-free soy-free sugar-free

Apple Peach Butter - totally sugar free, gluten free, and delicious! Not to mention it can cook while you sleep, giving you a non-caffeinated reason to hop out of bed in the morning!


Apple Peanut Butter Soufflé

Keywords: microwave breakfast brunch gluten-free low-sodium low-sugar nut-free

If you can fluff an egg in the oven, why not in the microwave?


Apple Pie Milkshake

Keywords: blender beverage shake dessert gluten-free low-sodium low-sugar nut-free

Apple Pie is fantastic a la mode… it’s only natural that it become part of the la mode.


Apple Pie Overnight Dessert Oats... made healthy!

Keywords: fridge no bake breakfast dessert side snack eggless gluten-free

Healthy Apple Pie Overnight Dessert Oats! This will make you JUMP out of bed in the morning. Seriously. It's instant breakfast!

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