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Apple & Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Keywords: un-bake breakfast low-calorie low-fat low-sodium nut-free sugar-free

Sweet, filling, great way to start the day!


Apple and Feta Quinoa Salad

Keywords: saute appetizer dinner lunch entree salad side all recipes gluten-free


Apple and Rainier Cherry Crisp

Keywords: bake dessert vegan vegetarian nut-free gluten-free crisp fall winter


Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal with Creamy Mascarpone

Keywords: breakfast all recipes gluten-free low fat sugar-free vegetarian

A heavenly combination - warm and comforting oatmeal with a sweet and creamy mascarpone topping.


Apple and Cinnamon Crepes with Mascarpone Topping

Keywords: fry breakfast dessert crepes all recipes gluten-free low fat

Who would have thought something so decadent could be totally healthy?!


Apple and Bacon Turkey Patties with Rosemary (Paleo)

Keywords: fry breakfast entree snack gluten-free low-sodium nut-free paleo friendly

These turkey burger patties are all kinds of delicious. Sweetness and texture from the apple, fresh savoury taste from the rosemary, and BACON! 5 ingredients is all you need.


Apple and Banana Breakfast Cake

Keywords: bake breakfast breakfast bakes all recipes gluten-free low fat

Apple and Banana Breakfast Cake - a healthy breakfast bake recipe that will have you feeling like you are eating cake for breakfast! Gluten free, low fat, sugar free, freezer friendly and so easy to make.


Anytime Fruit Pie

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert snack gluten-free kosher low-sodium nut-free

A very simple recipe for healthy, wholefood, guilt-free fruit pies.


Anything Goes Fruit Crisp

Keywords: bake dessert nut-free vegan vegetarian crisp fall summer

I call this delicious fruit crisp "Anything Goes" because you could use just about any combination of berries and other fruits to make it. I happened to have blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and peaches in my fridge when I made it, and it turned out beautifully. It is based on a recipe...


Aloe Smoothie

Keywords: blender vitamix breakfast snack dairy-free egg-free gluten-free low-carb

I drink my Aloe Smoothie multiple times each week to help keep my body strong and healthy. It is mild and slightly sweet in flavor, with a crisp, clean finish - thanks to the cucumber. Between the cucumber, coconut water, and aloe, this is a perfect green smoothie for hydrating yourself after a strenuous...


Aloe-ha Mango Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast snack dairy-free gluten-free high protein


Apple Butter. Three Ingredient Slow Cooker Crock Pot Apple Butter.

Keywords: slow-cooker breakfast dessert dip sauce/glaze/dip/marinade/spread


5-minute oatmeal

Keywords: breakfast gluten-free nut-free vegan vegetarian

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