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Autumn Harvest Breakfast Quinoa

Keywords: boil breakfast healthy unsweetened shredded coconut unsweetened vanilla almond milk

A breakfast to truly set you off on the right foot.....delicious too! Double, triple or quadruple recipe to feed more.


Autumn Quinoa Bowl

Keywords: entree dairy-free egg-free gluten-free low-carb low-sodium low-sugar

A make once, eat many times meal that's packed with protein {quinoa} to help keep you full, loads of vitamins from the kale {a superfood!} and butternut squash, and healthy fats from the olive oil and pumpkin seeds. It is a well-balanced, nutrient dense meal that is full of fall flavors.


“Cheesy” Vegan Mushroom Quinoa

Keywords: saute boil salad vegan vegetarian gluten-free quinoa beans

Packed with nutrition and a garlicky cheese flavor, this vegan recipe will even please carnivores.


Banana Bread

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert snack gluten-free sugar-free banana

This recipe is sweetened with dates, which makes it a little bit dense but full of moisture and a dessert that will keep your blood sugar stabilized…how often do you come across banana bread that tastes great and is great for your body too?


Basic Green Thickie Recipe: How to make your first Green Thickie

Keywords: banana sunflower seeds All Smoothies Green Thickies

A green thickie is a complete meal, not just your ordinary green smoothie. This is because it contains filling carbs so you get your breakfast or lunch all in one glass and don’t have to make numerous meals.


Basic Quinoa Flake Granola

Keywords: bake breakfast snack all recipes High Protein gluten-free

This crunchy, cluster filled granola is not only gluten free and low in fat, but it packs a protein punch as well! Find out the secret to crunchy granola clusters!


Basic Quinoa Preparation

Keywords: entree side good for you friday

*See the full post for more information about the health benefits of quinoa* It's always best to start by rinsing the quinoa off in a fine mesh strainer under cool running water. This will help remove the coating around the outside of the quinoa (called saponin) – which can taste bitter and...


Basic Baked Tofu & Quinoa

Keywords: bake entree side gluten-free nut-free sugar-free vegan vegetarian


Banana, Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter Muffin

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert snack lowsugar

These little moist and delicious muffins are so versatile in many ways, with no sugar added due to naturally sweetened combo of the ingredients! Packed with nutrients, fibers and proteins, they are fantastic for breakfast, dessert or pre-workout snacks.


Banana Quinoa Waffles

Keywords: breakfast gluten-free soy-free nut-free quinoa flour

Waffles, pancakes and french toast are my idea of a special breakfast. Having a plate full of golden brown treats in front of me, drizzled with warm maple syrup {Vermont made of course} and topped with fresh fruit, my eyes begin to sparkle and my heart fills with warmth.


Banana Sweet Potato Peanut Butter *Protein* Muffin {Recipe Retest}

Keywords: bake breakfast dessert bread snack lowsugar

This is the remake of my original recipe—improved by more protein in the recipe! It tastes even more delicious than I thought it would. A much better choice for those who are looking to add more protein in their muffin and not sacrifice the taste.


BBQ Broccoli and Quinoa

Keywords: entree gluten-free vegetarian vegan


BBQ Chicken Quinoa Skillet Dinner

Keywords: stovetop entree quinoa chicken cheese bbq sauce

Healthy can be delicious like in this BBQ Chicken Quinoa Skillet Dinner!

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