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Amaranth, Quinoa, and Steel Cut Oats Breakfast

Keywords: microwave overnight breakfast high protein fruit quinoa oats


Amaranth Chia Bread

Keywords: bake bread side breakfast gluten-free vegan vegetarian soy-free sugar-free

The bread that is truly incredibly easy to make, soft, chewy, crunchy and deliciously crisp when toasted ....loaded with chia seed goodness!


Aloha Breakfast Quinoa

Keywords: breakfast good for you friday

I love switching up my breakfast cereal and using quinoa is a great way to do that! For this recipe I like to use coconut milk (to go more with the Hawaiian feel) but you can use any milk of choice. I have been on an agave nectar kick lately so I used that to sweeten my quinoa, but both brown sugar or...


Amaranth and Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

Keywords: slow-cooker breakfast main dish gluten-free grain-free low-sodium

A breakfast porridge made in the crockpot with amaranth and quinoa - both nutritional powerhouses!


A Taste of Fall Sweet Quinoa Bowl

Keywords: breakfast side high fiber dairy-free gluten-free quinoa pumpkin puree

The contrast of the warm pumpkin-infused quinoa with cool, crisp apples and toasty walnuts will immediately have you thinking falling leaves and fall-time bonfires!


7 Shades of Green Spring Quinoa Salad

Keywords: salad dairy-free gluten-free low glycemic phase 1 - weight loss phase

This Quinoa Salad is full of healthy green vegetables. It's also very easy to make and perfect for bringing to work for a quick, healthy and delicious lunch.


"Spaghetti" & "Meatballs"

Keywords: entree vegetarian


"Sunshine" Burgers


My version of the frozen "Sunshine Burger"


"Weird" Quinoa Meal

Keywords: stove top microwave main meal gluten-free vegan sugar-free


"Meaty" Lentil & Veggie Mac

Keywords: stovetop entree vegan lentils

This meal cooks up in less than 20 minutes!


"Easy on the Tummy" Bowl

Keywords: simmer entree soy-free gluten-free sugar-free vegan vegetarian nut-free

This is a main recipe that is particularly good for upset, sensitive stomachs. It is full of ingredients that will help soothe your belly and that are easily digestible. Now it is nothing revolutionary or particularly fancy but if you have digestive issues yourself, definitely give it a try, or at least...


"Everything But The Kitchen Sink" Quinoa Salad

Keywords: salad entree vegetarian vegan quinoa

Packed full of some serious veg, this salad is easy, healthy and satisfying. Feel free to substitute the quinoa with any other grain and use any kind of bean you have on hand.

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