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All White Salad with Fennel and Mushrooms

Keywords: raw salad side gluten-free low-carb soy-free nut-free vegan vegetarian


All Tangled Up Salad

Keywords: no-cook raw lunch salad gluten-free low-fat nut-free vegan vegetarian


Ali's Cucumber Salad

Keywords: raw appetizer salad side gluten-free nut-free sugar-free vegan vegetarian

An easy, refreshing, quick cucumber salad. We make some variation on this salad two or three times a week during cucumber season. Don’t be afraid to play around with ingredients and quantities. It’s wonderful with wedges of fresh tomato and corn sliced right off the cob!


Alice Waters Green Goddess Dressing

Keywords: raw salad dressing vegetarian

Alice Waters is a culinary genius. This dressing is fresh and can be put on darn near anything!


All Hail Kale Knockoff Dressing

Keywords: blender quick salad vegan

A copycat version of Veggie Grill's popular All Hail Kale salad dressing


Almond or Peanut Dressing

Keywords: blender salad

Almond dressing (or peanut) that is spicy and delicious on almost anything


Alyson's Spinach Bars

Keywords: bake salad vegetarian low-carb


American Potato Salad

Keywords: side salad July 4th BBQ American summer

I am actually not a huge fan of potato salad. Most of the time its bland, too mayo-ey or just scary looking in general. But when I was planning the menu for my Budweiser Backyard BBQ I knew I couldn’t have a BBQ without potato salad – especially not on 4th of July weekend. So I went to my favorite...


#HotSummerEats Calypso Caribbean Cobb Salad

Keywords: grill entree salad low fat summer

A delicious Caribean twist to the cobb salad, this Calypso Carribean Cobb Salad for #HotSummerEats has hearts of palm, pineapple, and jerk marinated chicken transporting you to the islands.


Ambrosia Salad



Ambrosia Salad

Keywords: raw breakfast dessert salad vegetarian gluten-free

This is a wonderful fruit salad. A real treat for breakfast or lunch but a beautiful dinner dessert as well.


Amazing Kale Salad

Keywords: stir entree side salad vegetarian vegan sugar-free soy-free low-carb

This is the best salad ever! Loaded with vitamin k, D and C and tons of fiber and calcium, this will surely be a big hit all year round!

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