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Basic PB2 Smoothie

Keywords: blender vitamix beverage breakfast smoothie lower-fat vegan vegetarian

This ultra-creamy smoothie takes me back to those thick ice cream milkshakes I used to love as a kid. It's not fat-free but using PB2 powdered peanut butter instead of traditional makes it significantly lower in fat. You can sub in the regular stuff for the same flavor but higher fat.


Banana Bread Super foods Smoothie

Keywords: blender raw breakfast beverage dairy-free gluten-free grain-free refined sugar-free

Support a healthy mind with this super foods smoothie packed with banana, fresh vanilla, quinoa, flax oil and raw walnuts.


Apple Pie Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender raw beverage breakfast dairy-free gluten-free grain-free paleo

Treat your taste buds with apple pie in the morning! Instead of using almond milk with this smoothie, I opted for water with 1 tbsp walnuts to increase the fiber and healthy fats in this breakfast treat! The carb count is higher than my average smoothie, making it a great snack before an intense workout...


3 Ready-in-a-Jiffy Warm Weather Snack Recipes

Keywords: freeze blender dessert quick snack summer spring dairy free gluten-free option

Here are three quick and easy healthy snack recipes to whip up on those warm spring and summer days. Featuring: Berry parfaits with banana soft serve, Raspberry Chocolate smoothies, and Mango Banana Coconut Popsicles.


Banana Pear Vega Smoothie

Keywords: blender vitamix beverage snack vegetarian vegan sugar-free soy-free

If you’ve never tried Vega, it’s a complete whole food health optimizer…great source of protien, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, omegas, and more…basically, this stuff ROCKS! You could definitely add some greens…maybe a handful of spinach or a leaf of kale…to this if...


Banana Pineapple "Vitality" Bowl


A super thick, protein-packed smoothie bowl topped with fruit, granola, and whatever else you can think of! Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.


Banana Pumpkin Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage almond milk pumpkin kale banana

Tasty fall smoothie with banana, kale, pumpkin, and almond milk! Creamy goodness in a jar!


Banana Orange Smoothie.


This smoothie is budget friendly and easy to make, with only three ingredients.


Banana Mocha Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook breakfast beverage snack dairy-free gluten-free high protein


Banana Nut Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast snack dairy-free gluten-free high protein


Banana Split Smoothie

Keywords: no bake blender beverage breakfast dairy-free grain-free paleo

A dairy-free, vegan smoothie with all the goodness of a banana split. Made healthy with fresh strawberries, pineapple, almond milk and dairy-free chocolate chunks.


Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie (Green Thickie)

Keywords: blender raw beverage breakfast snack low-sodium soy-free sugar-free

This smoothie was so rich, creamy and distinctly peanut buttery, so if you like peanut butter, you’ll adore this recipe. It’s also so simple and quick, no messing around, no rinsing fruit, no chopping, just throw it all in the blender. This smoothie also doesn’t have any added sweeteners which...


Banana Vanilla Chai Doughboy Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage breakfast dessert oats chai tea banana chia seeds

If you love chai tea, you'll like this super thick, super creamy smoothie version of the beloved drink.

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