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Berry Delicious Protein Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast snack beverage gluten-free vegetarian protein powder

A berry delicious and berry easy-to-make smoothie for a post workout treat (or just because!). This can be gluten-free if you use gluten-free protein powder!


Berry Cheesecake Dough Boy Smoothie

Keywords: breakfast smoothie

Berries…cottage cheese…oats – all the makings of a cheesy berry cakecake!


Berry Bliss Smoothie

Keywords: blender snack breakfast gluten-free low-sodium nut-free soy-free vegan

A berry delicious smoothie packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals!


Berry Blue Smoothie

Keywords: raw blender beverage breakfast snack vegan vegetarian low-carb gluten-free

Quick and easy smoothie and its kid approved!


Beet-ing Hearts Blood Orange Smoothie

Keywords: breakfast vegan gluten-free raw sugar-free soy-free

Step one in making these Beet-ing Hearts Blood Orange Smoothies for two is juicing a beet, along with a blood orange. This creates a rich, colourful juice that gives the smoothies a deep pink hue that's appropriate for Valentine's Day. Love them or hate them (I love them!), beets contain health-boosting...


Beet-Carrot-Fruit Smoothie

Keywords: blender smoothie beets apples carrots ginger

Doesn't it look pretty?


Bananas Foster Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage vegan vegetarian Mardis Gras

I made this in celebration of Mardi Gras, but trust me- I wouldn't mind drinking it any and every other day of the year.


Basic Green Thickie Recipe: How to make your first Green Thickie

Keywords: banana sunflower seeds All Smoothies Green Thickies

A green thickie is a complete meal, not just your ordinary green smoothie. This is because it contains filling carbs so you get your breakfast or lunch all in one glass and don’t have to make numerous meals.


Basic Protein Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage vegan

I always start with this basic smoothie recipe, and just add other fun ingredients I have on hand. But in a pinch, even this basic recipe works and tastes delicious!


Banana-Pear Green Smoothie

Keywords: breakfast snack vegan healthy gluten-free banana pear spinach flax

Seriously, one of the most delicious smoothies I've ever made!! A great way to start your day off right!


Banana-Peach Smoothie

Keywords: raw breakfast snack beverage vegan soy-free gluten-free banana peach

This smoothie has a pale green tinge from the protein powder that I find gorgeous, but if you're really opposed to that you could mask the color with some blueberries. I love the flavor combo of banana, peach and vanilla, to the extent that I'm excited to wake up in the morning just so I can...


Banana Berry ‘Greenish’ Smoothie

Keywords: vegan vegetarian raw

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