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Banana-Maple-Ginger Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage breakfast snack gluten-free low-carb low-sodium low-sugar

This is my new go-to flavor - if you haven't tried maple extract, I highly recommend it!


Basic Sweet Potato Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage shake smoothie snack gluten-free low-sodium low-sugar

You’re probably going to think this is weird... BUT just trust me. Sweet potatoes are the perfect creamy addition to a protein shake.


Beet Berry Smoothie

Keywords: blender ninja blender ninja mega kitchen system

A healthy smoothie to start your day - packed with potassium, fiber, calcium, and more! See original post for nutritional information.


Beet Protein Frozen Custard

Keywords: blender dessert snack smoothie shake gluten-free low-carb low-sodium

I am willing to bet that even the most passionate beet-hater would plow through this sweet, spiced bowl of pink protein.


Beet, Blood Orange and Apple Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage breakfast snack gluten-free vegan vegetarian soy-free

Brilliant bright pink beet smoothie with an equally bright beautiful array of toppings!


Beauty-Boosting Triple Berry Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast gluten-free high protein low-sodium


Beauty Boost Açai Bowl

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast dairy-free gluten-free high protein


Beans and Greens Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast snack gluten-free vegan


Beautifying Beet Smoothie

Keywords: raw blender beverage snack breakfast high protein high fiber

A luxuriously thick and creamy smoothie made with all natural proteins that will keep you satisfied and feeling BEAUTIFUL!


Banana-Apple Oat Smoothie Bowl

Keywords: breakfast smoothies

I like this oat smoothie as a base for my morning toppings, like granola or muesli. Don’t they say, “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” or something like that? And although I don’t take that saying too literally, apples do have antioxidants that can prevent us from getting sick. Bananas have...


Banana and Caramel Smoothie (Green Smoothie / Green Thickie)

Keywords: blender raw beverage breakfast snack gluten-free low-sodium nut-free

The caramel in this banana and caramel smoothie makes it so sweet and creamy. This smoothie feels like a really indulgent treat.


Almond Butter and Date Protein Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast dessert snack entree

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