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ABC Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast snack dairy-free gluten-free high protein

If you're just getting into green smoothies, here's the perfect intro. Apples, bananas and carrots are naturally sweet, and mixed into a smoothie, you won't taste the greenery at all!


Adam’s breakfast smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage vegetarian


After Eight Smoothie

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast dairy-free gluten-free high protein


Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage snack low fat bananas cocoa coffee peanut butter


Acai Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Keywords: blender no-cook beverage breakfast snack dessert dairy-free gluten-free


Acai Breakfast Bowl

Keywords: blender breakfast super recipe almond milk banana fruit


Acai & Berry Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage vegan fruit

A smooth and delicious smoothie packed with antioxidants


Acai Antioxidant Smoothie

Keywords: beverage breakfast gluten-free oil-free wheat-free vegetarian vegan

Acai (“ah-sigh-ee”) is an antioxidant-abundant berry that is also a source of protein and omega fatty acids. Acai has a unique berry-cocoa flavor, and combines beautifully with the frozen blueberries and cocoa powder which also happen to be antioxidant-rich foods! You’ll be glowing after enjoying...


Apple Cinnamon Oat Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast dessert vegan fall

Enjoy a little bit of autumn in a cup. This is a great way to start out the season. :)


Apple Cinnamon Protein Smoothie

Keywords: smoothie

Chobani tweeted about this recipe, they liked it so much!


Apricot Peach & Goji Berry Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage gluten-free almond milk banana apricots goji berry

Thick, creamy, with the distinct under tone of maca powder and goji berries to give it a super power boost!


Avocado Citrus Smoothie

Keywords: blender beverage snack vegetarian avocado banana orange lemon

A refreshing, creamy smoothie.


Avocado Peach Green Smoothie

Keywords: blender breakfast snack gluten-free

Silky, filling and delicious, what more can you ask for in a smoothie?

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