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Butternut and Pumpkin Curry with Quinoa

Keywords: stir-fry steam entree gluten-free fall winter

This simple, comforting meal can easily be made vegan by substituting chickpeas or cubed tofu for the shrimp.


Butternut Squash Soup

Keywords: boil soup/stew vegetarian vegan 4 points+

I LOVE thick, hearty and rich vegetable based soups in the winter. This soup has so much flavor that there really is NO cream required. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make and by the flavor. The onion, garlic and ginger give it a nice spice, while the brown sugar and squash sweeten it slightly.


Buttery Fiddleheads

Keywords: steam saute side vegetarian vegan spring

The fiddleheads melt in your mouth and the butter, garlic and shallot compliment their taste really well. It just adds a little flavor and it is delicious. It is a great salad add-in!


Caribbean Shrimp Salad Served Taco Style

Keywords: steam lunch entree snack low-carb low-sodium shrimp American Caribbean


Caramel Apple Tamales

Keywords: steam dessert vegan vegetarian apples Cinco de Mayo Christmas

Putting a sweet spin on traditional tamales.


Candy Cane Ice Cream

Keywords: blender freezer roast dessert side snack gluten-free low fat

Since I was a little girl, Candy Cane Ice Cream has been my absolutely, positootly favorite ice cream ever. And it only comes this time of year. And it's not vegan. So I had to make my own! Nailed it! Sweet, creamy, pepperminty ice cream studded with candy canes. Best of all, its pink! (without...


cacao beet brownies with raspberry frosting

Keywords: bake dessert side nut-free soy-free


Calci-yum Broccoli and Kale Chip Salad

Keywords: raw entree salad dairy-free gluten-free grain-free paleo refined sugar-free

A 10 minute meal that will pick you up after a long, exhausting day. The almonds, kale, broccoli, and sesame seed paste in the chips give this salad a super high calcium rating. Served with Acai juice (as shown in the picture) will give you a good dose of anthocyanins, the compound that gives wine it’s...


Cha siu & cha sia bao

Keywords: bake grill steam appetizer entree snack Pork Chinese Asian

Learn to make cha siu and cha siu bao


Chacarero Sandwich


Love Them Madly's take on the classic Chilean sandwich, put on the map for many Bostonians by the beloved Downtown Crossing sandwich shop.


Chinese Rice Tamale 粽子

Keywords: slow-cooker steam appetizer breakfast entree side snack dim sum

This rice tamale is delicious. It's for the Dragon Boat Festival.

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