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Almond & Coconut Cookie

Keywords: bake snack dairy free gluten-free sugar-free coconut almonds

These more-ish cookies make a great healthy snack - gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!


Almond & Broccoli Soup with Tofu Crumble

Keywords: blender simmer entree main soup/stew side gluten-free kosher low-calorie

This delicious, dense, 'creamy' broccoli soup is thick and filling with some tofu crumble for texture!


All-Natural Green Velvet Layer Cake

Keywords: oven dessert gluten-free high fiber high protein sugar-free


All-Natural Red Velvet Pancakes (healthy, sugar free and gluten free)

Keywords: no bake breakfast dessert snack gluten-free high fiber high protein

If you love red velvet cake then you will LOVE these (secretly healthy) Red Velvet Pancakes! No butter, no oil and no artificial food coloring whatsoever! [sugar free, low fat, low carb, high protein, gluten free]


All Natural Healthy Homemade Oreos

Keywords: oven snack eggless gluten-free vegan sugar-free brown rice flour


All Natural Blue Velvet Cupcakes with White Coconut Yogurt Frosting and Strawberry Syrup Drizzle

Keywords: oven bake breakfast dessert snack gluten-free high fiber high protein

Not Red Velvet, BLUE Velvet Cupcakes! (secretly healthy and naturally colored too!!)


Acorn Squash Soup

Keywords: stove top soup/stew vegetarian sugar-free soy-free low-carb nut-free

This soup is SO GOOD! My husband even liked it and he is a meat and potatoes guy!


Acorn-Squash Soup

Keywords: saute appetizer entree side soup/stew low-carb sugar-free vegetarian

Adding the secret ingredient, balsamic vinegar, to this soup cuts through the savoriness of the soup and gives it a kick and so much complexity of flavor. This soup would NOT be the best soup you ever ate without this addition, so don’t skimp. It. Is. Unreal.


Addicting Lemon Zucchini Pound Cake - Grain and Sugar Free

Keywords: bake bread dessert candida-diet friendly gluten-free low-carb

I have made many lemon recipes since I started eating clean but this one is seriously addicting. Not sure why but I can't stop. It is dense and moist and just the right combination of sweet and tart. It is full of protein and has very few carbs so can be used as a snack without any guilt. Feel...


A week worth of oats

Keywords: breakfast vegan sugar-free oats

Various ways to have oats for breakfast! Check out the link to post :-)


85 Calorie PB&J Muffins

Keywords: bake breakfast snack sugar-free vegetarian banana egg oatmeal

These childhood-sandwich-disguised-as-muffins are just 85 calories each! With a fair amount of protein (5g each) and fiber (2g each), eat a couple for a filling, healthy snack.


6-ingredient chocolate earth truffles

Keywords: food processor chill snack dessert gluten-free sugar-free vegan

Quick and easy to make, these earth “truffles” are inspired by Whole Foods Market’s chocolate earth balls recipe. Perfect for satisfying a craving for something rich and sweet, but these ones are made without sugar. Of course, if you want to sneak a little sugar in there, you can add a few dairy-free...


7-Ingredient Chewy Carrot Cake Cookies

Keywords: bake dessert snack dairy-free gluten-free grain-free paleo refined sugar-free

Chewy coconut cookies with shredded coconut, eggs and honey for a super-simple approach to carrot cake, cookie style!

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