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Apple Cider Doughnuts

Keywords: dessert apples Halloween Thanksgiving doughnuts

Apple cider doughnuts that can be baked or fried, dunked in apple cider glaze or dipped in cinnamon or confectioners' sugar.


Apple Cider Gravy

Keywords: side Thanksgiving


Almond Pastry Easy Vegan Style

Keywords: breakfast dairy-free vegan Christmas Thanksgiving Easter

These are really decadent and simple.


Almond Flour Apple Pie (vegan and gluten-free)

Keywords: bake dessert gluten-free healthy vegan almond flour apple chickpeas

A vegan gluten-free apple crisp that is perfect for the Thanksgiving table!


14 Apple Recipes

Keywords: Halloween Thanksgiving

14 apple recipes for fall!


4 Recipes for Hard Boiled Eggs

Keywords: breakfast entree Easter Thanksgiving Christmas


(Vegan) Apple Cranberry Crumble

Keywords: bake dessert side vegan apple cranberries oatmeal Thanksgiving crumble


(Real) Pistachio Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Buttercream

Keywords: bake cupcakes cake dessert pistachios Christmas Thanksgiving birthday

Light and moist cupcakes with just a hint of salty from the freshly ground pistachios. All topped with a creamy brown sugar cloud of frosting!


"Grownup" Caramel Apples

Keywords: bake dessert vegetarian apples caramel sauce dulce de leche

I baked apples filled with coconut sugar, honey, spices and extra virgin olive oil and then drizzled lots of warm dulce de leche sauce spiked with a bit of scotch. My husband and I did a taste test in preparation for the party. I won't admit to how fast we devoured every bite. A shot of scotch with...


"Honey" Ginger Almond Date Cookies

Keywords: bake dessert gluten-free soy-free sugar-free vegan vegetarian almond


(Fresh) Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Brown Butter Cookies

Keywords: bake cookies dessert fruit dessert brown butter chocolate

Cranberries get an upgrade in these brown butter cookies that are loaded with rich dark chocolate chunks.


5-Ingredient Guiltless Pumpkin Ice Cream

Keywords: blender no-cook dessert snack banana pumpkin Thanksgiving Halloween

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