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Broccoli & Tomato Garam Masala Hummus Sauce

Keywords: blender simmer sauce/dressing side gluten-free low-calorie low-fat

This sauce spices up the creamy hummus base and makes a wonderful accompaniment to veg/grains/beans/tofu anything!


Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Keywords: boil entree #meatfree #meatlessmonday vegetarian vegetables pasta

Broccoli is surprisingly sweet when roasted and makes the perfect base for this #meatfree Broccoli Pesto Pasta for #MeatlessMonday.


Broccoli & Cheddar Baked Quinoa

Keywords: bake boil entree #meatfree #meatlessmonday low fat vegetarian

This Broccoli & Cheddar Baked Quinoa is very herbaliscious! It’s delicious and is easily prepared for a #MeatlessMonday.


Brinjal Tomato Gratin

Keywords: bake fry main vegetables cheese French


Brie Chicken & Vegetables

Keywords: saute simmer entree egg-free gluten-free healthier high protein

Chicken and vegetables served with quinoa and covered in a mouth-watering Brie sauce. You can use any combination of vegetables and whole grains for this winning chicken dinner.


Bright Happy Salad

Keywords: side salad main entree gluten-free low-calorie low-carb low-fat low-sodium

This bright, sweet, salty, crunchy salad always brings a smile to my face


Brined Pickles

Keywords: fermenting raw side vegan nut-free cucumber

Preserving produce using salt water, or a brine, can be a good way to extend the life of vegetables. Fermentation is a great way to store food, and eating pickled foods is also accompanied by health benefits. The salt in the preserving liquid helps to encourage good bacteria while keeping away bad bacteria. This...


Broccoli, Mushrooms & Sage

Keywords: saute main side gluten-free low-calorie low-carb low-fat nut-free

Super easy, yummy, flavourful veggie dish


Broccoli, Sweet Potato, and Lentil Soup

Keywords: one-pot soup gluten free vegetarian vegan vegetables lentils

A hearty and simple soup for any occasion.


Buckwheat patties

Keywords: vegetarian Buckwheat Russian


Buckwheat, spinach & Edamame

Keywords: simmer main gluten-free nut-free sugar-free vegan vegetarian buckwheat

The earthy flavour of buckwheat combines with asian influences to make this a filling flavourful dinner


Buddha Bowl with Miso Mustard Dressing

Keywords: appetizer salad condiment vegan


Brussels Bowl with Toasted Cauliflower

Keywords: entree gluten-free vegetarian cauliflower brussels sprouts

Delectable bowl of toasted cauliflower rice topped with roasted vegetables and a Dijon dressing

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