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Chocolate Cherry Matcha Shake

Cool, creamy, and refreshing, the dark, rich chocolate balances perfectly with the grassy freshness of the matcha, plus a hint of fruity sweetness from the cherries! A little...

Cake Batter Milkshake

This recipe may seem like a lot of trouble for a smoothie milkshake, which I get. Lots of ingredients yada yada. But it is soo good! And I mean, cake batter you can eat for breakfast...

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

To kick off birthday week, I thought I would combine the two ultimate party desserts: Cake and Ice Cream, into one delicious, creamy treat!! plus, who doesn't like sprinkles?

Candy Cane Ice Cream

Since I was a little girl, Candy Cane Ice Cream has been my absolutely, positootly favorite ice cream ever. And it only comes this time of year. And it's not vegan. So I had...

S'mores Ice Cream Sundae

Unlike traditional s’mores, this dessert will cool you down when its 104°. Also, you need to plan ahead a little. No worries though! This recipe makes enough that you only need...

Peanut Butter Sweet Dream Ice Cream

The creamiest, most delicious ice cream I've made to date. Im nuts about it. You are welcome:)

Chocolate Sweet Dream Ice Cream

Creamy, chocolatey, indulgent ice cream made from a secret ingredient. Japanese Sweet Potato!! Good for your tastebuds, good for your cravings, good for your health (no, really....

Coffee Sweet Dream Ice Cream

Why is it so hard to find coffee ice cream? Its always mocha almond, or coffee-chocolate, or foofy starbucks flavored. I like just plain coffee:) So I turned to my signature Sweet...

Vanilla Almond Chickpea Ice Cream

Delicious, healthy, high protein home made ice cream!

Vanilla Sweet Dream Ice Cream

I wanted to find a way to make an ice cream that was healthy, but much creamier than plain almond milk, and overall more satisfying. This did just the trick. Silky, creamy, sweet...

Strawberry Fields Milkshake

An all natural strawberry milkshake made with fresh, juicy, summer strawberries! It made me a believer:)

Vegan Drumsticks

Finally! A DIY, vegan version of that classic American ice cream cone we all know and love (Right Nestle?)