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Chocolate Cheerios Marshmallow Bars

Easy way to get rid of those left over cereals!

Nutella Brownie Decadent Ice Cream

Totally decadent, creamy, chocolatey, hazelnutty perfect ice cream!!!

Tomato Gazpacho

Zesty and refreshing, as a starter, side to complement our outdoor summer feasts!

Quinoa Tabouleh

Refreshing side for any BBQ!

Rainbow Jello

Perfect to celebrate a kid's birthday, or Pride Weekend!!!

Drunken watermelon slushy

To celebrate the fiesta ahead, I am sharing with you this great summer drink recipe. Easy, refreshing, sweet and even the kids would like it (just omit the vodka, please...).

Hibiscus Tea, or Agua de Jamaica

Hibiscus tea, is not only delicious and refreshing, it is a natural diuretic and has lots of Vitamin C. There's also at least one government study that shows that hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure.

Raspberry & Rosemary Sherbet

Sherbet is exactly as a sorbet, but contains dairy, egg white or gelatin. The rosemary adds a refreshing twist to raspberries!

Lavender Panna Cotta

An very easy (no baking required!) light and creamy dessert, with surprising flavor!

Cheeseburger outside-in

The cheese is in the inside, making the burger super moist and flavourful!

Pecan Pie

Finally a recipe not calling for corn syrup and shortening!

Mussels with Thai red curry

Mussels with Thai red curry

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